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Computer Generated Images Combining 3D models with photos, or crafting fully synthetic images using CGI or fractals

CGI Retouching - How to do!?

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Old 06-11-2012, 09:15 AM
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Re: CGI Retouching - How to do!?

Originally Posted by Vernon View Post
CGI is not the end all approach to "liquid" attire.

This photographer does some amazing things with milk. It's all compositing, no CGI involved. And he does offer flash-based "magazines" that go over the project which could provide you insights on his techniques, assuming you know Russian, or can have someone translate this for you.

Link (**nudity**)
Hey that is really cool. It only went toward CG because the OP linked something where the image was built that way. It actually mentions modo + photoshop, and I thought it was important to note that it's not all built from fluid simulation, because you'd have way more work that way building appropriate containers and comping in post just because of how much trouble you'd have getting some of the subtle wrinkle behavior if you were trying to simulate such a thing. I'd tell him to have fun reading about reynold's numbers and drag coefficients, as any powerful software that deals with simulations tends to present real physics variables. Most of the time for stills, much of the behavior is faked. Otherwise you're looking at many many hours, and a lot of trying to understand how to properly solve CG lighting correctly rather than assigning blue shadow values rather than allowing them to be derived from a sky system. The former works to a degree if the inclusion of physical sky calculations would slow it down too much, but it's easier to do that in photoshop if you're going to cheat the simulation anyway, as you won't incur weird side effects.

Trying to emulate this guy's phtoography in CG would be brutal though. You'd need a lot of reference photography just to get a good result when trying to simulate reflective behavior and obscure brdf properties. In something like water you may see a direct reflection of the light in the water, but it still won't be as bright as the initial light source. To correctly simulate this you'd need to get as close of an approximation as possible in terms of brightness ratios when calculated as a linear function as opposed to a gamma encoded value which is really just a way to represent imagery at an acceptable dynamics range. If you're just looking at it in srgb/adobe rgb in photoshop, they might both map to 255, but this tells you nothing about the real ratio if you're trying to simulate it. Photoshop still occasionally produces bizarre behavior with floating point values.

link. They're doing what I figured. They're making parts of it as a poly framework and only simulating the motion or splash elements (I know I've read that before, perhaps that's where I got the idea). There might be some final sculpting after grabbing animation frames to tweak things. This stuff breaks easily so I doubt they're doing a lot of liquify in post. It's more likely that they'd just tessellate the particles and go to zbrush if anything.

Okay this is probably obvious, but I just felt like writing.
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Old 06-11-2012, 10:18 AM
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Re: CGI Retouching - How to do!?

As to the commercial of the model walking wearing the water dress, I found a short blurb that mentions the use of Maya and Houdini for the the water particles:

For a static version of water-based dresses I recall an older tutorial for a basic compositing of water to render a pseudo water skirt, too:
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Old 06-11-2012, 10:54 AM
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Re: CGI Retouching - How to do!?

Regarding this advert:



In the project like this you don't use one software only but a combination of best ones.

Regards, Filip

------------------------------------------------------- &
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