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T Paul 08-31-2005 05:17 PM

Aug 05 Contest Votes
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Some very creative entries in the Poster Contest!!

This was an extremely close contest...and the congratulations go to:

Shalford by one vote! Congratulations on an excellent entry!

Top 10:
Shalford -49
Dreamypix -48

delong72 tied with kschulz

Doug Colwell tied with Dubbie 36

Gary Richardson

T Paul 08-31-2005 05:21 PM

And here are the critiques....


Originally Posted by Gary Richardson
Really hard one to judge. My criteria were 1st Imagination (too many with a similar look), 2nd Execution, 3rd Distinction (what makes it memorable).

Using this, I put my votes in the following order.

1st Doug Colwell, picture looked just like one of those adds in the Auto press. The humour in this one added to it and made it memorable.

2nd K Schulz, looks just like one of those pages from a mag, again well executed in terms of matching tone and saturation. (Also I like Neuschwanstein Castle).

3rd Dreamypix, this one caught me from the start, beautiful image, beautifully executed.

4th Freddieanne, liked the idea of going forward out of the dark into the light, execution wasn't quite good enough to make the top 3.

5th Kiska, again another striking image, not quite sure of the relevance of all the various elements.

Choosing from among these 5 was really difficult, and any would deserve to win.


Originally Posted by 1STLITE
These are the ones I finally was able to narrow it down to.

1- dreamypix - the caption says it all, out of this world. A truly stunning image.

2- goose443 - I am really not a racing fan, but were I to see this image somewhere I would at least stop to admire the ad. I love the pop, beautiful color!

3 - leigh (dellicious) - I love the play with the highlights on this one. Really made the car seem to glow!

4- kschulz - makes me want to drive! Great background replacement.

5- Chunley (CathyH) - Too funny and well done not to be in the top 5!


Originally Posted by Racc Iria
There was a lot of creativity in this one, but here are my votes:

1. k-schulz - This one felt really nice. Excellent background replacement. Plus, I used to live near that region of Germany so it reminded me of happy times. It also felt like it could really be a poster.

2. Lorraine - I really liked the composition on this one, and it shows thinking "outside the box."

3. dreamypix - Loved the concept, but the text was a little distracting... the drop shadow seemed a little strong to me.

4. Doug Colwell - Although the colors seemed a little washed out, I really liked the humor in this one. Great job on the "bad" graffiti.

5. Redwilly - Execution was a little lacking, but I loved the concept of warping buildings to suggest speed.

T Paul 08-31-2005 05:24 PM

And a few more...


Originally Posted by Delong72

It's really difficult to decide.
But if I were to choose my best 5, it would be as follow:

1) Dubbie36 - I look more into the technical execution aspect. So I feel this one is more realistic in the aspect of physical motion. The wheels shows the speed cos the camera is panning following the car when the picture is taken, thus there actually might not be any motion blur when looking the car at all. The only flaw being the railings is blurred too smoothly.

2) Smats - not fancy, not pretty, but the right approach in the aspect of realism. It looks like a photo taken during a race. The car is sure moving at some speed.

3) Shalford - Good layout, not too cluttered. Neat

4)Gary richardson - not overdoing anything here, but neat execution.

5)Kschulz - car blends in well with the background, however the castle took too much attention away from the car. The railing again is too smooth to simulate a true motion blur.

Overall, a good effort by everyone here.


Originally Posted by DreamyPix
Here are my votes for August Contest-

1st- Shalford- I can totally see this as a poster on the wall of my sons room! Awesome job!

2nd- Goose443- Wonderful use a colors, looks like a great ad for Fox network.

3rd- FreddieAnne- I love the effect of the black and white going into the color but I think the text should say Past instead of pack, it would make more sense Past being black and white. Also, if the tires are blurred that much, wouldn't the car have some motion blur on it as well?

4th- Dalong72- Simple yet elegant. Brilliant work on retouching the car. My only suggestion would be to put the logo off to the side, not center with the car. Great work on the small details.

5th- Kshulz- I love the realism with the castle, but I feel the car could be more to the left leaving more space for the car to go, not so centered. Could use more pop as well, the colors seem alittle flat to me.


Originally Posted by Lorraine
Congratulations to everyone to entered. Each entry is unique and well done.

In judging this contest, I picked the five that impacted me on my first look as an advertisement should.

1. kschultz -- Magazine quality all the way. The background is busy but doesn’t detract from the message. I liked the subdued colors of the background against the bright colors of the car.

2. dreamypix – Really great work. The water spray is an excellent touch. Love the reflections and the fonts are perfect.

3. smats – Perfect motion blur. That car really is moving.

4. Shalford – You original version was my number 1 pick. The simplicity of that background and the reflection were a hit with me. The current version, although more detailed than I think necessary, is still a favorite of mine.

5. MarthaG. Marthig You certainly made that car available for any kind of advertisement. Incredible work.

Honorable mentions to: Dubbie36, Rainyday, CathyH, Bill M and all other entrants.


Originally Posted by PhotoB

Doug Colwell
dell (leigh)

T Paul 08-31-2005 05:27 PM

Still more:


Originally Posted by Kraellin

This was, by far, the most difficult contest to vote on. i had to get pretty picky on fine technical points to eliminate some. but, in the end, out of my final seven, it came down to just plain old 'which do i like the most'. and here's how it came out:

1. Raniday
2. Shalford
3. Lorraine
4. Dreamypix
5. Delong72


Originally Posted by FreddieAnne

First off thanks for doing all you do in this forum and for organizing/moderating the contests. They are great fun and have been a tremendous learning experience for me.

My voting for this contest was based primarily on creativity. I was drawn to the entries that were out of the ordinary.

#1) Doug Colwell
#2) Gary Richardson
#3) 1st Light
#4) Marthig
#5) Bill M

Everyone did an amazing job, congratulations to all.


Originally Posted by Cathy Hunley (CathyH)
This is the first time I have entered one of your contest. I expected there would be lots of good entries, so I downloaded the photo and worked on it before looking at the others. I didn't want to get to discouraged right off the bat. I think everyone did a great job, and it sure was fun.

I hope I'm voting correctly.

1. delong72 - Slick. very nice spot light effect.

2. Shalford - creative, good colors. Maybe could use some contrast near the front of the car.

3. leigh - I liked the color correction, and the high lights. I also liked the composition with the yellow box for balance.

4. PhotoB - good color correction, and I liked the black background. Nice reflection.

5. fembot - I like the soft colors. The car itself maybe a little dark.

T Paul 08-31-2005 05:30 PM

Still more...


Originally Posted by Bill Miller
August contest voting. This was a very nice subject to work with.

One: Dreamypix Outstanding extraction, graphic design additions, sharpening, and motion. Very well thought out and executed.

Two: Dubbie36 Beautiful technical work in all respects. Love the wheels and background. Could be a little sharper.

Three: delong72 Beautiful extraction, sharpening and graphic design additions. But loses a point or two because the rules said to retain photo quality. There is a (beautiful) illustration look that has been added.

Four: nancyJ The image just has a very appealing look. I like the quality of the reflection and blurring.

Five: Shalford Beautiful design and execution. However, it's a tiny bit too bright and it could use a bit more sharpening.

Thanks for all you do.


Originally Posted by Shalford

Hi T P
Here are the votes of the Solihull GB jury (Shalford)!!

1. Dreamypix
It just shouts poster.
Wonderfully combined images.

2. Delong72
Very clean, Very well extracted, Godd poster looks.

3. Redwilly
Apart from a bit of backgroud blurring that looks wrong, I could see this for sale in a shop.

4. Doug Colwell
Not sure whether this classifies as a poster?
But it's brilliantly done!

5. Kschulz
Nicely put together, beautiful backdrop.


Originally Posted by Dannybanks

Here are my favorites in order:

1. fenbot.jpg
2. joao.jpg
3. cherylogle.jpg
4. Dubbie_retouch.jpg
5. Shalford_jpg


Originally Posted by Kiska

1. cyber cat - clean and crisp

2. Redwilly

3. dreamypix

4. Gary Richardson

5. Raniday

T Paul 08-31-2005 05:34 PM

And more...


Originally Posted by vino

1 Newtonwayne brilliant background
2 Cathyh very amusing
3 Shalford Another great background
4 Dreamypix like the water effect.
How is that done?
5 Joao Like the Background.


Originally Posted by raniday

1. Gary Richards........powerful concept
2. Kiska....................great composite
3. Bill M....................Just a really good idea, wish I'd thought of it
4. goose443..............Love the movement
5. Joao.................... sleek and well executed


Originally Posted by Marthig

I based my selection on imagination, creativity and execution.

1 - Bill M. - He made a fabulous manipulation and the car has the original photo quality. All the conditions are more than fulfilled.

2 - Shalford - I find his rendering beautiful, as well as creative. The photo quality is also there and the added bonus that it looks like a poster.

3 - Gary Richardson - Originality, great manipulation and photo quality maintained too. Was not quite happy about his having added text but guess it cannot be helped.

4 - Kraellin - Imagination and originality rampant Not quite so about the photo quality of the image though. But IMO he deserves a place among the winners.

5 - Dreamypix - Creative and imaginative and maintained the photo quality of the image, and that spray effect from the wheels is excellent.

Honorable mention to Lorraine, Vino and Doug Colwell (perhaps the most original of all, but my idea of a poster image is perhaps too conservative, you know elegance and distinction first )

Congratulations again to you and to all the participants as well.

Regards - Martha


Originally Posted by KSchultz

(1)Dreamypix - it was the splashing water that carried this one for me. Very well done!

(2) Lorraine - really like the "poster" feel acheived by this one. Great color and motion, although the wheel blur doesn't quite get it. Radial blur?

(3) Goose443 - what a great billboard this would make. Overall nice design and the over-saturated colors really makes it pop.

(4) Shalford - another good poster. Really like the overall effects and brightness. Perhaps the upfront text should be a tad stronger.

(5) Leigh - the color burn works well with the black background. I like the "picture poster" layout too. Dellicious!

T Paul 08-31-2005 05:37 PM

And the last group:


Originally Posted by Doug Colwell

1.Shalford - This just works. Aligns perfectly with Porsche's classic image. Wouldn't look out of place on the showroom wall, or in the CEO's office. Maybe slightly sharper 'LEGENDS'... maybe not.

2. Dreamypix - Planted a car into an improbable bg and made it look natural. The spray is so well done I expected the back end to fish tail towards me and drench my keyboard.

3. 1STLITE - The target market (like my own entry) might be more suited to Camaros, but the graphics quality and application is definitely worthy of a Porsche. Really like the 'Yellow Pages' look. I called today, but 'Staton Corporate and Casual' answered???? Seems they only dress-up Porsche drivers.

4. Goose443 - Great impact. Nice balance between reasonable motion blur and sharp focus (keep the major sponsors happy). Realistic subtle reflection on damp pavement. Simple, powerful message using the car's primary colours.

5. Willyred - Really liked how the car was kept in perfect focus and motion was suggested by bleeding colour into the blurred bg. Great wet road reflection (slightly skewed and trailing - another novel motion trick). What kept this out of 4th was that the line between roadway and grass seems off under the front end of the car.


Originally Posted by WillyRed

Over all comment-Very difficult to judge. I ranked five but I could have included many more. Many were worthy but none were perfect. (including mine)

First to last, identified by entry (posting)#

15 (kschultz) Nice composition, easily the most "photo-realistic"

35 (Dubbie36) Ready for text

3 (Shalford) Well blended-nice balance. IMHO driver should have been removed to make this work all the way

36 (delong72) Great concept-Lighting effects admirable-windshield gradient a hair too soft nonetheless a beautiful job.

8 (Dreamypix) Very realistic water effects


Originally Posted by Suchyy

1. delong72_jpg - looks almost like a studio photo, good work with glasses and it just looks good.

2. Dubbie_retouch.jpg - looks very photorealistic, just like the city was there in original.

3. Shalford.jpg - nice, but the driver should not be inside

4. goose443.jpg - I vote for this picture because of 2 reasons - I like typography and i like live colors... but i think it is a little oversaturated.

5. dreamypix.jpg - i really do not like typography but the rest is nice, different idea which is quite well executed. nice work.


Originally Posted by Nacoya
I have a crit but i'm in a hurry so i'll post it later.

My top 5 .....

1. shalford
2. dreamypix
3. freddieanne
4. cathyh
5. redwilly

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