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Contests Retouching contests to challenge your skills and learn from others. Prizes for the winners!

May 06 Contest Votes

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Old 05-26-2006, 08:36 AM
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Very hard to choose

I didn't let myself read the voting until I had my top 5. But, the previous explainations did help be verbalize some of my feelings.

I down-selected to 18 entries that ended up being based on just being consistent with the subject's character and its overall appeal to me.

The really hard part! I eliminated those with obvious filter effects, sketchy skin when it should have been soft, getting the relationship of the "whites" right (eyes, skin highlights, and pearls). I felt that the high-key entries were inconsistent with the subject's character which is warm and soft.

1. Peth. Love the crop and head tilt. Could have been more delicate under her eyes. Really get's the whites right. Nice hair texture. Wow!

2. InfinteMonkey. Really like the crop and tilt - I would have called it perfect except that Peth's is more perfect. Nice blending, skin tones, whites. Eyes a bit heavy. Edge problem stage left on her face.

3. kr1156. Nice shading. Nice soft texture to skin, good range of skin tones. I don't like the overall soft focus, I think it takes away from looking like a real pencil piece.

4. Twinbnj. I loved it all until I looked closely at the skin texture which is too artificial. Don't care for soft focus. Love the overall feel, especially facial tones - at a distance.

5. Vlkilee. I really like it. I felt the skin texture was too sketchy and needed the smudge-stick. Eyes are a bit dark. Stage left looks blown out and could have been fixed with a little smudging.

As a beginner, this was very helpful to me. Naturally, I really liked my entry when I submitted it, but now I see it a lot differently. I seem to have a strong relationship with that smudge-stick and a reluctance to leaving white-space. Its amazing, now I recall having the same problem when I was 9 or 10 and taking art lessons.
Old 05-26-2006, 10:00 AM
Northernshadow Northernshadow is offline
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Location: Calgary, Canada
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WOW!!! got home from a camping holiday yesterday and thought I could vote quick... easier said than done! This was tough. I got it down to my 11 favorites last night, then made the final picks this morning.

1. Peth -I love the soft, blended look of the pencil on a very smooth paper.
2. T Paul -lovely effect, I think the light vignette takes away from the girls face and a medium grey blended look would have been better to bring the focus completely on her face.
3. Drach - a duller pencil on a textured paper works great but I thought the pencil strokes looked a little too regular and while the shorter hair suits her I think her mother would want it the same length as the photo.
4. myseydel -marvelous technique!!! but just not flattering to the girl, maybe lightening and blending the skin would soften it.
5. Janet Petty -a smudgier look that's soft too. just a bit more detail like using a sharper pencil would add some intensity to her left eye and hair.

There were a few more that I really liked, Nanls, CJSwartz, Soleah, Danny, Chiroka and Cazubi were in my favorites.

Old 05-26-2006, 10:48 AM
barbara barbara is offline
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after carefully reading the rules of this challenge, my criterias are:
- pencil-sketch-look
(no matter what pencil used, hard or soft, no matter smudged with finger or not)
- clients satisfaction
(the client was girl's mom ,not a professor of Fine Arts Academy ; the sketched
face should remain girl from photo, not a hmm velociraptor althrough sketched in
the maestrial artistic style).
Enough theory.
Now results:
1. nothernshadow
2. allan
3. tpaul
4. dkcoats
5. soleah
Old 05-26-2006, 11:09 AM
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oltenius oltenius is offline
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Romanian jury decided:
1. soleah
2. dannyraphael
3. philbach
4. tpaul
5. nancyJ
Good luck all of you!
Old 05-26-2006, 11:37 AM
Tpage Tpage is offline
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Join Date: May 2006
Location: Kent UK
Posts: 16
Very difficult judging some excellent work. I remember seeing pencil sketches as a youngster that I couldn't believe were made with pencil, so it's hard for me to know what is and isn't possible with the 'real' thing. I tried to think from the moms perspective and after getting a shortlist of 12 finally settled on the following five - although if I were the mom I'd be happy with any of the 12 in any order.

1. Peth - Love the contrast and the crop.
2. Nancy J - How do you manage to get that smudge look without smearing ??
3. Janet Petty Good use of texture.
4. Cathy H Just picking out the essentials - great simplification.
5. retouchpix Not convinced you'd ever get pencil that black, but very decisive pencil strokes giving excellent skin tone.

Old 05-26-2006, 12:16 PM
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CathyH CathyH is offline
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What a learning experience. I looked at each of the entries and like all the different styles that were achieved it is amazing how they can vary. I too went with the entries that looked less like they were just filtered. My first try was strictly using different filter, but there is a lot more to a portrait then that.

1. Peth - very much like a drawing and soft and pretty
2. Infinitemonkey - nice contrast and good detail
3. soleah - good sketchieness, I would like to see some more contrast
4. NancyJ - very delicate
5. mseydel2 - very stylized

I really liked the sketchyness of byRo's but there are a few things that bothered me, I liked her longer hair and the front tooth isn't quite right.
alllan - did a nice job, soft and dreamy
Old 05-27-2006, 02:51 AM
palms's Avatar
palms palms is offline
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Phew and i thought entering was hard ! I have managed to whittle it down to five eventualy. There have been some excellent entries and i think everyone deserves a pat on the back.

1. Byro
2. Infinite monkey
3. Bart Hickman
4. Janet Petty
5. Danny Raphael

Old 05-27-2006, 03:21 AM
corel's Avatar
corel corel is offline
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Location: Houston, Texas
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My Picks

I think mom would just be so proud to show any of these.

1. Tpaul
2. Infinitemonkey
3. cathyH
4. NancyJ
5. soleah
Old 05-27-2006, 01:16 PM
MargaretM MargaretM is offline
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I voted "blind". Did not look at other votes. First I eliminated all the entries that remained too photographic and detailed for a sketch. Many very attractive renderings bit the dust. Then eliminated those that did not resemble a graphite pencil sketch. After that I was not left with too many. So here's my vote.
1.#30 Danny R - liked the pencil look of mouth and eyes.
2. #51 Peth - Very nice but found the hair not absolutly convincing.
3.#28 Janet Petty - nicely done, just found mouth a little photographic.
4.#45 dkcoats- a good sketch but a bit like a charcoal.
5.#63 Bob Down - a nice light look but hints of a photograph.
Old 05-27-2006, 03:45 PM
palomino palomino is offline
Join Date: Dec 2005
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tough one this time...I also went against anything that looked like a filter or like a canvas-like texture was I have never known graphite to be used on such a medium. I do love to see all the different interpretation. I also voted blind (not looking at any others until I had a top 5).

1. Tpaul- lovely, very muck like graphite, soft and tasteul.
2. peth- also nice, just liked the crop of the 1st a little better
3. soleah- very minimalist, nice.
4. lorraine- great, but a little too much black in spots for graphite
5. mseydel- I also thought it was original amd definitely looks like a drawing, but does lack the portrait "prettiness"

honorable mention to: ajava- best crosshatching, cjswartz- very nice but background was lacking for me, kr115- eyes got a little blurry and a bit too grey on the face, goose443 very close to top 5 also, drach- looks authentic but not pretty enough to be a proud mama's portrait of her daughter.

Good job everyone-- Kate
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