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July 07 Contest Votes

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Old 06-30-2007, 04:47 PM
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July 07 Contest Votes

Voting will run from 25 July to 31 July 2007. Deadline for votes is 5pm EDT.

Only those that entered the contest may vote. All other votes will be deleted. If you did not enter, but would like to comment on an entry, please post your comments in the July 07 Contest Discussion thread.

Vote for the 5 best entries in order.

You cannot vote for your own image. If you do, your votes will be deleted.

Example Vote:
Pick the top five contest entries and list in order...

1. Entry X (First Place)
2. Entry A (Second Place and so on)
3. Entry Q
4. Entry S
5. Entry P

This thread will remain closed until it's time to vote.

And as always, when you vote try to include some things you especially liked about your choices…what made them stand out, what impressed you, etc. This is a learning experience!
Old 07-24-2007, 08:40 PM
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Re: July 07 Contest Votes

To help with voting here is a temporary link to the entries in Photo Album format:

July Entries
Old 07-24-2007, 09:00 PM
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Re: July 07 Contest Votes

Here is my vote.

1. ajcutler - hands down this was the clear winner in my mind.
2. Karini - superb job
3. Linus
4. Swampy
5. shikhavig

Enjoyed playing with this one. Congratulations to whomever wins.

Old 07-24-2007, 09:38 PM
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Re: July 07 Contest Votes

Here are my choices, they were all very good.
Had lots of fun doing and watching all the others.

1. CathyH
2. Lonk
3. Linus
4. Pixeltek
5. PeteyB
Old 07-24-2007, 11:54 PM
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Re: July 07 Contest Votes

1) Cazubi
2) k.Gimini.M
3) Traethasia
4) Linus photo
5) YMS
Old 07-25-2007, 03:32 AM
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Thumbs up Re: July 07 Contest Votes

1 LonK

2 Janet Petty

3 karin I

4 Swampy

5 linus_photo

Janet Petty
This is very nicely balanced with regard to colours, mood, and action. The viewer’s eye goes to the energy and colour of the frolicking girls in the foreground while appreciating the stillness of the onlooker in the background. The sword holds its own interest. Good job.

The girl really suits her glowing wings, and her “greenery”.

Beautiful colour effect in your background. Wow, we can see what goes in the brain of that mantis. Clever and creative.

Nicely abstract. Really nice use of colour especially in the foreground with that hot pink, and the yellowy gold higher up.

karin I
A really believable image. Great use of the mantis for the wallpaper pattern. High impact from the choice of colours, and the glow from the original girls makes a nice piece of art. Cleverly framed.

Good use of brightness, and colours to direct the eye. Mask woman’s face looks quite different when reduced to just the features. Neat trick. Silver glow is effective behind the dummy.

This looks wonderful, and so vector-like and sophisticated-looking. The darkness really emphasises the bright and clean colours of the rest of the image.

Ms Bay
You have a good texture effect over your image. The sword has a nice extra sparkle and shine. Luna park face dark and set back like that is particularly impressive.

The warm colours and the “action” are very evident here, right down to the recoloured girls in the background, right and left. Good job of reducing mask woman’s face to the butterfly shape.

Best part for me here is the sparkle coming off mask-woman (and the colour change you’ve given her). Looks like she has it in for the mantis, though. Luna park face is very effective separate like that.

The whitish dummy overlays look so good here. Mask woman’s head definitely suits the girl bodies.

Really like the red and silver tones of this one. The sword looks so elaborate included with this much emphasis. How clever of you to overlay the mask-woman’s sequins over the sword.

(I almost missed seeing the mantis high on the right.) Good additions to the posters on the park building. Took me a while to see the stabber! (A smart use of the sword).

Great motion effect in the background. The eyes win in this image. The mantis is given so much personality (and cuteness). The sword lapel broach is the perfect touch.

Very nice night-like, brooding tones, and silhouette effects. I like the overlay of the mask on the tree trunks, and the black figure of the dummy looking on mysteriously.

Got to love the bright flying girls and their reflections! Wonder what the group of mantises (manti?) are planning at the base of that tree…good idea to group them like that for more impact.

The right hand side of your image is very dramatic with use of the sword, dummy, and girl. Really rich-looking with the combo of the red and black.

Wow, you have a real painterly look going on with this one – good job. The guy’s amulet is particularly intriguing. Really like the monotone/earthy colours.

Lovely rainbow colour effect going on in the background. The purple-winged golden glow of one of the girls is eye-catching.

Nice surreal look to this one; especially like the inverted? treatment of the trees and the sword (and the inclusion of the bleached little mantis guy).

This is a very creative version. (I would never have thought of this gallery scene!)

So many great effects included here … the reflecting water, the molten ladies, the “dripping” sword, (just noticed the mantis “victim!), and the menacing park face looking out over all…

Gary Richardson
I am a fan of the glow behind the guy’s wings. Bet he means business with that sword at the ready. That’s clever the way that you have repeated the park building faces in the background.

Peter S
Nice use of the butterflies (moth). The see-through dummy is suitably eerie.

The blue focus brings it all together. The winged girls fit so in well.


Wonderful use of the mask to front the park building. The swords added to the blue panels are a nice touch.

Doug Colwell
Really love the foreground interest from the “statue” – good use of the sword handle.


Last edited by YMS; 07-25-2007 at 03:38 AM. Reason: changed clunky sentence...
Old 07-25-2007, 04:04 AM
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Re: July 07 Contest Votes

Before I cast my votes I'd like to say just how difficult it was for me to make them. Everyone's entry was worthy of a vote, and in the end I could only use personal preference as criteria of judgement.

Getting it down to 5 was really hard, and I changed my mind several times before choosing those below.

1st 1st Lite loved the dreamy ethereal feel of this picture the bubbles and the colour burst just hit the right buttons with me.

2nd K_GiMiNi_M this would have made a great poster. The B&W theme just set of nicely by the red. It really was nip and tuck between this and 1st Lite's entry as to which got 1st from me.

3rd Lonk the sheer amount of work that must have gone into this one blew me away. However it didn't seem to have a single unifying theme, which is why I made it 3rd. Loved the "chromed" figures.

4th Peter S another dreamy one, in the running for a higher place for a long time. Finally it was the unrealistic placing of the mantis (front legs don't look right) that decided its position from me as 4th.

5th YMS just loved the humour in this one. The use of Park and Luna as necklets, and the "glasses" on the mantis just had me smiling for ages.

For everyone else, I'm just sorry I couldn't vote for you all.
Old 07-25-2007, 05:43 AM
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Re: July 07 Contest Votes

Hi all
I loved this contest, partly because the images were all so varied that they were hard to combine in a way that worked. Most of the entries have a surreal and/or dreamy look, which I think is almost inevitable when combining such disparate images.
My favourite was Linus' entry, because it created something totally other and also plausible, which I don't think any of the rest of us really achieved.
I think photob also had a great concept, one of the best ways to combine so many different sources that I can think of.

my votes are as follows:

1 Linus (works really well, good balance, good use of colour, excellent interpretation)
2 Janet Petty (good colour and mood)
3 KGiMiNi (good colour and mood, unusual interpretation)
4 1stlite (nice mood - the dreaminess works well in this one - I think because of the lighting)
5 pixeltek (composition and detail blend well, good use of tone, found this one quite ominous)

some of the others that I like elements of are:
lonk (nice metallic figures, good reflection in water)
Ms-Bay (excellent placement of cave mouth and good colour blend)
Out_of_Focus (lovely colour and texture)
Emilylt87 (good colour, good blend)
photob (love the concept, nice detail of neon light above frames
Old 07-25-2007, 07:28 AM
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Re: July 07 Contest Votes

Linus - Love the way you use the elements to create this. Great composition.

Peter-S - I like the soft colors and over all feel.

YMS - Cleaver use of the elements, and you did a great job of cutting out the girls and dressing them all up.

K_Gimini_M - Very nice color choice.

Out-of-foucs - I like the colors and the filters you used, one think I might have moved the dummy off to the side so he wasn't right in the middle.

I really liked the way the color modes were used and how the splashing water and leaves combined together in TraeThasia and Swampy's.
Everyone did a great job. And thank TPaul for the photo album.
Old 07-25-2007, 08:45 AM
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Re: July 07 Contest Votes

my votes.....

#1 TraeThasia
#2 Linus_Photo
#3 CathyH
#4 Janet Petty
#5 Cazubi
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