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Contests Retouching contests to challenge your skills and learn from others. Prizes for the winners!

March 05 Contest Discussion

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Old 03-29-2005, 10:37 AM
1STLITE's Avatar
1STLITE 1STLITE is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Mississippi, USA
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This was such a fun contest. Thanks to those of you who are responsible for its being! THis place is so awesome.
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Old 03-29-2005, 11:16 AM
byRo's Avatar
byRo byRo is offline
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Location: Goianésia, Brazil
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One thing that was not specified for this contest was the final image size to be posted - there were entries all the way from 470 pixels (short side) to 1400 pixels.
Maybe, next time, it would be a good idea to include the image size as one of the rules / guidelines.

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Old 03-29-2005, 11:26 AM
T Paul's Avatar
T Paul T Paul is offline
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Location: USA
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A good idea and one that will be added to the April contest rules.

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Old 03-31-2005, 07:53 PM
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Now that the contest is over I’d love to know how some people accomplished certain things…

Flora – the skin tone in your entry was so real. How do you create your skin tone and achieve the lovely softness to your image?

Vikki – your image just beamed with light. What steps did you take to create such a radiating glow to your image?

Righthanddesign – What was your technique for creating such a realistic rose?
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Old 03-31-2005, 08:56 PM
righthanddesign's Avatar
righthanddesign righthanddesign is offline
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Location: nashville TN
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My next contest suggestions

Hey everyone I loved the contest and it was a great first one. I think Vikki was the rightful winner of this contest but there were great entires all around. Here are few suggestions I have for the next contest. Maybe they will work maybe not. I hope they help.

1. Love the idea of the entries being hidden from who did them. Vikkis idea of numbers was a great way to view them. I saw some people voting for some pictures that I had to really question there sanity or eye sight (no offense please) This lead me to believe they were voting for the person and not the picture.

2. Dont display all the entires until the end then display them all at one time. This is just an idea but I would like it. If it stays the way it is now I will wait until the last minute next time to submit so I can see how high the bar is set.

3. Let other people vote besides just the people who submitted. Some other members just couldnt get the time to submit but have great eyes and opinions. I just feel limiting the voting to people who are so close to the subject matter may hinder their subjectivity. I would like to have as many people voting as possible.

That is just my little ideas. Can't wait till the next one.

4. Be clearer for the rules as to what exactly we will be voting on. I noticed some people voting on technique some people voting on color some voting on how it made them feel when they saw it. And some I dont know what they were voting on.
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Old 03-31-2005, 09:42 PM
Vikki Vikki is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2001
Location: Arizona
Posts: 883
I must say, with so many excellent entries, I was surprised I won. Who knew there were so many talented colorist amongst us!!
What I found most interesting about this contest, was the range of people's taste and perception. It's good to see how individual styles are embraced.
This was a good opportunity to have one's work critiqued by such a fine group of artists. Thanks to all who voted for mine.

p.s. I think righthanddesign has some excellent suggestions.
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Old 03-31-2005, 09:42 PM
Legacy~Art's Avatar
Legacy~Art Legacy~Art is offline
Senior Member
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Location: Lancashire
Posts: 927
Roll on april 1st...

I personally think that the people entering the contest should not get to vote and that there should be a voting panel that chooses the winner.

Gary everyone has an opinion and if someone sees a quality in a picture does not mean they are voting for the artist but what they see, as in the saying "beauty in the eye of the beholder" would you not agree?
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Old 03-31-2005, 09:58 PM
cedwar's Avatar
cedwar cedwar is offline
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: Liverpool, NY
Posts: 65
Way to go, Vikki!

Congratulations Vikki! You did an outstanding job on your photo. I feel priviledged to be able to compete in a contest with so many great photo retouchers. Good luck in April!

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Old 03-31-2005, 11:06 PM
Doug Nelson's Avatar
Doug Nelson Doug Nelson is offline
Join Date: Aug 2001
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I am so pleased with how things went I can't adequately express myself. Everyone did a great job, and special congratulations to Vikki!

Keep the suggestions coming, we are listening (as we proved early in this round). Don't be impatient or hurt if we don't immediately act on your advice. As in any experiment you can't change lots of things every cycle (and we'll have lots of cycles).
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Old 04-01-2005, 01:30 AM
Gary Richardson's Avatar
Gary Richardson Gary Richardson is offline
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First of all, congratulations to Vicky on winning the contest.

Secondly Legacy, I haven't expressed any opinions yet, and I would never criticise another persons taste for being different to my own. The post to which you took exception was by Righthanddesign, who also happens to use Gargamel as his avatar. I've changed mine a little to avoid future confusions.

I'm currently downloading Aprils images, (which are going to take a long time on dial up). Looking forward to the contest, hope its as well subscribed to as March's, and wish everyone good luck with their attempts.

Last edited by Gary Richardson; 04-01-2005 at 02:49 AM.
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