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Do I have to register?
No. The only reason to register is to post or upload. You'll also want to register if you want to view attachments in the forums. It also unlocks a few other features, but you can access everything on the site without registering.

If I do register, is my information safe?
Registration is free, and your information is kept private. See our privacy statement for more details

Why can't I register using my freemail account?
Take a look around the forums. There are no spam posts, no flame wars, none of the ailments common to most other forums. This is due largely to refusing freemail accounts when registering.

It's a lot of work, we still have to delete threads advertising cellphones and "enhancement pills" almost every day, and each one provides a new freemail domain that must be added to the refusal list.

So if it's an inconvenience to use your ISP or work email account, I sympathize. But this little inconvenience for both of us keeps RP a pleasant place to visit.

Who pays for all this?
Originally we relied on user donations. However, now we are supported by advertising. For this reason, if you use any sort of adblocking software, please list this site as an exception so we can get the funding needed to keep things running. We don't use popups or any other annoying tricks for ads, and the few ads we do use are designed to be tasteful and relevant. If you really just can't stand the ads, or if you would like to contribute more, consider joining our annual Patron program. This program has its own FAQ here.

Will you do my restoration/retouch/repair for me?
No. This is a site for learning, and we will gladly help you learn to do it yourself. We have a "Image Help" forum just for that purpose. Click on "Forums" on the navbar to get there. There is also a "Classifieds" forum if you're willing to pay one of our members to work on your photo.

What about Copyrights and Likeness Rights?
This isn't a legal guide, just a brief summary about posting here. We aim to follow United States copyright and likeness rights laws, and it's your responsibility to make sure your uploaded images are within those laws. If in doubt, check

Copyrighted images cannot be posted without explicit permission from the copyright owner. "Someone put it up on the web" does NOT count as explicit permission.

Public domain images can be posted (this usually means at least 70 years old, or formally released into the public domain by the copyright owner) assuming you have permission of anyone recognizable in the image (or their estate if they have been dead less than 50 years).

Images you own can be posted by you if you have permission of anyone recognizable in the image. Posting your image here does not mean you surrender copyright, but it does mean you give permission for other users to retouch the image and upload here, unless you explicitly state otherwise at the time of uploading.

Images you don't own can be posted if permission is explicitly given by both the owner of the image and any recognizable person in the image.

Celebrity images or random images from Google or anywhere else on the internet cannot be posted unless explicit permission from both the photographer and the subject has been obtained.

Changing a copyrighted image in any way does not remove it from copyright.

Pieces of copyrighted images, no matter how small, retain their copyright and all the same rules apply.

"Fair use" and parody protection are problematic to define, but to be safe lets assume neither apply here.

You are responsible for obtaining any necessary permissions for images you upload, and you are liable should anyone choose to enforce their copyright or likeness rights.

I can't see any images. They're just red X's.
We've had a big problem with bandwidth theft (people linking to our images on other sites). Since we don't have ads or sponsors, and that can be expensive, I had to take steps to stop it. I implemented a fairly typical security procedure that simply checks to see if you're on or another site when you view an image. If you're on RetouchPRO it lets you see the images, but if you're not, it won't. Some firewalls strip out the referrer information, so even if you're on RetouchPRO the site has no way of knowing this (since the information is stripped) so it assumes you're not. If you're using a firewall and can't see images, try these solutions.

Why can't I post tasteful nudes?
This has nothing to do with prudery. I've gotten emails from schools across America and Canada telling me how valuable a resource RP is for teaching their children. This makes me very proud, and I do not want to betray that trust. In addition, RP has members from countries around the world, and not all of them have the same opinions about what is appropriate. And finally, I don't want RP to become a destination for webrats looking for hot pix.

Where can I find Bruce Beard's Hair & Skin Color Charts?
Click here to go to Bruce Beard's Hair & Skin Color Charts

OK, I got what I came for. Can you please erase any sign I was ever here?
Sorry, that's not how it works. Each post helps thousands of future users, not just you. You can turn off all options in your User CP and safely forget you were ever here, but your posts are the "cost" of participating here.

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