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What is RetouchPRO LIVE?
RetouchPRO LIVE is a live talk show where we chat with an artist as we watch them at work. The audience helps guide the course of the conversation with their questions and comments. This is not a canned presentation or studio-produced tutorial. It's extemporaneous and candid, and as in-depth as the audience requests it to be.

How do I view RetouchPRO LIVE?
Towards the bottom of each announcement page there will be a Paypal link. Click on that and authorize your payment. Within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation email with another link to complete your registration. You will then receive an email with your unique link to view the event. Do not share this link as it can only be used for one viewer. There will also be a reminder email shortly before the broadcast begins.

How do I ask questions during the broadcast?
There is a pane labeled "Questions" as part of the broadcast interface. Look for an arrow or plus sign (+) on the interface and click it. That will open any closed panes.

Once you can see the Questions pane, simply type in your question and hit Send.

There is a tremendous volume of questions, so please keep them relevant to the topic. You only need to type in your question once, as they are permanently stored. Then the questions will be relayed to the guest artist by the moderator on a relevance and time-available basis.

Can I download or stream the recorded shows?
All of our shows are now available for 3-day rental streaming on our video rentals page. The quality is almost as high as watching the live show if you maximize the player to full-screen. Plus you can pause, rewind, and rewatch as many times as you like during the rental period.

What time is the broadcast in my time zone?
There is a link on the announcement page that takes you to another page with the time translated into every time zone.

How will I know when there is an event scheduled?
You can watch the RetouchPRO LIVE forum or subscribe to the email announcement list.

Forum link

Email list subscription page

Why is the sound distorted/crackling/soft/unexcellent?
Though most report that the audio quality of our webcasts is very good, there can be occasional problems. Unlike traditional streaming media you might watch over the internet, this is live. That means we can't edit out the rough bits or re-do them. That also means our webcast is unbuffered.

Buffering is when your computer downloads what you're watching faster than you're viewing it. That gives prerecorded shows a quality advantage in some instances.

Furthermore, since our guest artists are interviewed in their office or home, not from a recording studio, their broadband might be slower than might be possible if broadcasting from a professional facility. And since our guest artists are from literally all over the world, their signal could very well have to pass through thousands of miles and through any number of global conditions.

And, since there's no assist from buffering, your own download speed will be the final determinant of quality. If your download speed is slower than 3 Mbps, this is the most likely cause of problems.

Do not fret if the listening or viewing conditions fall short of a DVD or some edited and tweaked recording. Rather, marvel that we're alive at a time when live global interactive events are even possible.

Can't the moderator just be quiet and let us concentrate on the artist?
That's never going to happen.

RetouchPRO LIVE is a live, interactive, interview show with content guided by audience participation. It was never intended to be a bargain replacement for tutorial DVDs or streamed recordings.

The guest artists will change, even the moderator could possibly change, but the live and interactive nature is the reason RP LIVE exists.

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