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nebulaoperator 07-15-2012 07:49 AM

my HP 2475w monitor goes black

yesterday out of the sudden my monitor went of though little led light indicating power supply is on. I switched off everything unplagued all additional usb ports only mouse and keyboard . So at the start I would go through normal routine booting up enter password and then monitor goes off. Then i thought I wont log in and just use express gate option(asus motherboards provides this opion without loading most of the programs and staying in before log in state to check email skype and etc) even then monitor goes of. The more I have tried when switching off and on my monitor the less it was awake....eventually I ended up with monitor checking for cable connectivity for a few seconds and goes off. one thing to mention I have tried hdmi display port(which I use all the time) and dva or vgi dont know which one of them and I saw monitor dedecting all of them. so I tried all the cables one by one. I am taking my monitor to a local pc shop now and see what they say. Any idea if this is the end for monitor from your experience? or some minor break?
Thanks Tom

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