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aivanov 02-19-2013 10:14 AM

Dual monitor calibration
For a few days I struggle to calibrate my dual monitor setup (Dell XPS15 laptop and Dell S2240M monitor). I used Eye-One to calibrate them and I'm pretty happy with laptop monitor profile, but the external one looks too cold and greenish. However I LOVE how Photoshop changes the colors when I drag a photo on the external monitor (at first its greenish, but then it adjusts and looks great). I don't quite understand how this all color profiles thing works and how Photoshop uses profile of the primary monitor (that's what I remember from reading somewhere). So I wonder if there is any possibility to adjust the external monitor like Photoshop does?
Any ideas?

andrewrodney 02-19-2013 05:58 PM

Re: Dual monitor calibration
You'll have to make the better (wider gamut, brighter) display match the lesser quality display for one. Not ideal but doable. You'll very likely need good calibration software that has enough control to tweak the calibration aim points on the better display to mimic the lesser display too. IOW, setting both to identical settings isn't going to produce a match (I know, it should).

The difference you see in an update (ugly green, then OK) is probably to be expected as the new profile updates as you move the image across from screen to screen.


It explains how the calibration settings have to be adjusted to taste to match what you wish to match.

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