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Hard drive problem - I think?

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Old 10-28-2002, 10:35 AM
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I'm getting really tired of this...

So, almost a month after my initial post, I'm back from my travels, installed the new HD and reinstalled W2K. (Even that was a nightmare b/c I tried installing a USB 2.0 card at the same time and after three attempts at installing Windows with the new card installed, finally decided there was a resource conflict somewhere and it just wan't going to work.) Anyway, I got my system back to bare bones working order (internet & e-mail, word processor and Photoshop with scanner and printer) b/c I had a project to get done and figured I'd finish getting the computer back to "normal" after I was done with the project.

Just yesterday, I spent about 9 hours scanning a bunch of photos and doing minimal touch-up on them. Just before I was about to scan the last photo, the same situation as mentioned in the first post in this thread popped up. The directory where I'd been saving all of my photos all day suddenly was causing explorer.exe to crash whenever I accessed it (via Windows Explorer and trying to save a file in Photoshop.)

I logged in as Administrator and can access the directory with no problems from Windows Explorer. But, logging back in as myself, I still am not able to access the directory. I copied the directory to a different disk while logged in as Administrator and can access all of the files just fine.

So, since I JUST did a clean install, I'm going to try Doug's suggestion of reinstalling Windows (over itself). One question about that - will it write over the registry? My Outlook accounts setup are stored there, so I'll back up just to be sure.

I'm getting SOOOOOOO tired of this!! I upgraded to W2K from W98 b/c many people told me it was so stable. (In fact, that was a unanimous sentiment.) But, I've had nothing but trouble ever since upgrading. Wondering if I should just go back to W98!

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Old 10-28-2002, 10:54 AM
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OH Jeanie,

I am so sorry to hear your problems are not fixed - computers can be so unreliable and exasperating.

I have XP and although I am able to log in under a different name and have a seperate profile set up I find it easier to stay as in the administrator mode. I know that it is possiable to duplicate a folder with only administrator rights so that they cannot be accessed by anyone else (this is the case in XP anyway). If possible the solution may be to have your login as the administrator login so that you always have full control of your computer / files etc.

Hope your troubles are sorted out soon
Good Luck
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Old 10-28-2002, 11:43 AM
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Join Date: Aug 2001
Location: Colorado foothills
Posts: 1,826
Thanks for commiserating Clare!

I actually have my user ID set to administrator privileges, so I can do anything when I'm logged in with my user ID that I can as an administrator. I read at least one article that recommends against that, but I figured once I got the system back to "normal", i.e. everything installed, I'd reset the privileges. Right now, I'm glad I've got the additional account, since I can't even open Windows Explorer to look at the root level when I'm logged in with my user ID. It's possible that if I only had an Administrator account, the same thing would happen - and then I'd really be hosed! At least I have a second account where I can access the directories which seem to be causing trouble for my user account and move them to a "safe place".

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Old 07-14-2004, 06:20 AM
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BACKP!!!!!! I don't mean to yell but i had a similar problem after i installed my epson r300m printer.I am also runnining w2k. to fix the problem i had to refomat the hard drive. after the format i reinstalled the printer and everything seems to be fine know. good luck
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