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Help, please? Hidden Elements quit working, as did all Recipes!

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Old 04-23-2004, 04:42 PM
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Please read my last message. That help forum is meant for PSE, and they will only refer you here. This forum is for the tools, and your solution will be found here.

The list manager there also requests that you not post things having to do with my book and tools. You are talking to the one knows more about this than I do.
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Old 04-23-2004, 06:21 PM
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The OP had enough sense to post only asking about the Elements original recipes not functioning when they posted on the Adobe forums - suggestions there indicate it indeed seems like it may be an issue with SP4 for Wiindows 2000...
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Old 04-26-2004, 10:15 AM
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First, your most immediate reply to which you referred me (above) was NOT present when I did my last response.

Secondly, because ALL recipes quit working AND Sybex support suggested a problem with Elements, I posted on the Adobe site and asked about Recipes; I only in passing stated at Adobe that Hidden Elements did not work and that I had contacted you about that. I mentioned Hidden Elements purely for diagnostic purposes for Adobe Forum readers/potential responders. That post seems appropriate to me for two reasons, a) the problem seems to be with PSE2 (someone there has had a similar problem with W-2000 SP-4), and b) I would have no way of knowing what arrangements you have with Adobe!

If my process of trying to get help has inadvertantly upset you, I never intended that and am truly sorry.

Now, regarding your post here that I had not had access to for some reason (I've been out of town since).

1). Yes, Elements had been working on both referenced machines. Yes, Hidden Elements had been working on my home (graphics) machine. It never worked on my office machine with SP 4. I never installed it while using SP-3 on my office machine.

2) Yes I'm on PCs: Home machine is a Dell P-4 2.8, 1 gig ram, two internal 80-gig drives (non-sata), two 21-inch NEC monitors via an Nvidia 280 (as I recall) card, stand-alone (not networked), etc. The work machine is a Dell P-4 2.4, 1 gig of ram, one 80-gig drive, ethernet networked. Both, as noted were resently updated to W-2000 SP-4 and a whole host of "critical" and "security" updates directly for Microsoft's site.

3) Yes, after the SP-4 update on my home machine, the next time I tried to use Hidden Elements I got the error messages noted for ALL Hidden Elements and ALL Adobe Recipes.

4) No, I have not, nor have I ever had, any other hardware or software problems (including operating problems) which perhaps contributes to my current frustration. I've never have had in the seven months I've had the home machine nor the year I've had the office machine (supported by my company IT unit).

5) Yes, I am installing Hidden Elements from your book CD; and, before you ask, yes it is the PSE2 version.

6) Yes, I install from the icon that automatically opens when I insert the CD, both with PSE2 and Hidden Elements.

7) I'll check the location of the hp_special, atn and Hiddenelements. html files when I get home late this evening after work. I no longer have either program PSE2 or HE (of course) on my work machine, and I'm currently at work.

8) Yes, I always instruct to overwrite files when/if asked.

9) Yes, I use browse to find the PSE2 folder. I even installed PSE2 on my desktop on my work machine experimenting, as suggested, and installed HE there, too, during one experimental install.

10) I constantly and regularly scan for viruses and malware of all sorts with constantly updated (daily-update check, as per my work requirements) definition files (with Norton, Adaware, Spycop, PestPatrol, & Spybot S&D.

11) I've read the web-site install tips from the get-go, when I had trouble but will look at them, again--though I recall nothing that was relevant to my situation.

Finally, I run a pretty clean boot system at home. I have relatively few processes running, as a matter of course, and I know what they all do. HiJackThis, shows nothing out of the ordinary, nor anything problematic, nor potentially so.

Finally, the only time I've ever had a problem with any install on either machine was a reinstall with a Hewlett-Packard scanner on my home pc when the company's uninstall program left assorted files scattered all over that had to be deleted by hand, and the doc didn't state this.

Again, I had no intention of offending, if I did.
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