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inskip 07-24-2005 03:51 PM

Help w/ color cast.
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There's a bit of a blue color cast (esp in the whites) in this image that I want to eliminate. I'm sure this is a simple task for many of you, however I haven't been too successful at it. First of all, I tried to correct the white balance in my RAW converter manually by selecting an area that should be white(that's how I understood the directions), but that made everything go very yellow. I also tried selecting shade (taken in the shade) for white balance and that too made it go very yellow. Selecting the white point in PS makes it turn yellow as well. Any advice for me on how to color correct this image would be very appreciated. Thanks.

PatrickB 07-24-2005 04:11 PM

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Is this what you want?

I used some spot of her shirt as a neutral and added some blue with color balance to adjust the skin tone sketchy.


inskip 07-24-2005 04:26 PM

Thanks Patrick. It definately toned down that blue color cast. It's a bit yellow, but not as bad as when I tried to do it...Where were you when you selected the neutral point? Levels? Curves? And you said you added blue??
I wouldn't expect that when blue is what we're trying to remove. Interesting. Much improved.

PatrickB 07-24-2005 04:35 PM

No problem,

I did it with the neutral picker in the curves dialog box. I just thought it was a tad too yellow and therefore added some blue. It could also use some red maybe, just give it a try with the color balance sliders ;)

inskip 07-24-2005 05:17 PM

Here's mine...
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not really satisfied w/ it. Got out my Scott Kelby book and selected my white and black points. Adjusted the curve to adj the midpoints. Added a bit of blue and a touch of red, but color still seems a bit strange..ugh. This color correction business is a pain. Seems I always have this problem shooting in the shade.

Craig Walters 07-24-2005 05:46 PM

it looks fine. good job :)


Duv 07-24-2005 06:00 PM

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I thought you did a good job Inskip. Just a thought that a girl this young might have equal amounts of yellow/magenta. I balanced her light cheek to about 33% each.


inskip 07-24-2005 07:12 PM

Thank you. Maybe I'm being overly critical of my work. She just looks kinda yellow to me. I feel like a big dummy, but what do you mean balanced her light cheek to 33%???

Duv 07-24-2005 08:23 PM

You're anything but a big dummy. If you measure the values of "her" right cheek, the percent of yellow is maybe 5 or 6% higher in yellow. Open your info palette. Click on the arrow to open up the palette options. The first set keep as Actual or RGB. The second set change to CMYK. Now when you open up your info palette for corrections, you can see numbers for both RGB and CMYK modes. When you run the eyedropper over her right cheek you'll see that the yellow values are a bit higher than magenta. Do your corrections to even them out. Post again if you don't understand but please don't do the dummy routine again.. we're all learning here.


Gary Richardson 07-25-2005 12:36 AM

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Did a levels adj on each channel, before applying a Curves adj to the hilight on her collar, just below chin.

If you position a Sampler where you want to check, when you open your curves to the channel you want to adjust, Ctrl+click on the same spot to put a marker on your curves graph. That way you can perform a spot adjustment rather than a more general adj of all tones.

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