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Does this tutorial work for you in PS CS2?

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Old 08-16-2006, 11:21 PM
Fazools Fazools is offline
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Does this tutorial work for you in PS CS2?

I have tried this now a few times, rebooted, tried again and on and on. It has only worked once and I do not know what I did that made it work.

Here is what happened when I tried it, so maybe I am missing something.

When I go to add the new layer that I title "retouch", it goes back to full RGB not just the green channel. So I go back into the channels, select only green, make sure that new layer is selected and check "sample all layers" in the clone stamp tool set at 20% opacity and 100% flow. (nice run on sentence)

I click alt then normal stamp tool use on the "retouch" layer but nothing comes out when I am doing this on the green channel only.

When I try it on the full RGB channels, it works OK, but that defeats the purpose of this tutorial. And to make it worse, it DID work once. heh

Any ideas?


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Old 08-17-2006, 12:11 AM
Syd Syd is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2006
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To answer your question: Yes, it should work in any version of Photoshop. This particular tutorial was written using PS7. More specifically, you did everything right except one thing. All your channels need to be highlighted but only the Green Channel's eyeball must be turned on. I suspect that you only had the Green Channel Highlighted and the Green Channel's eyeball switched on. By highlighted I mean highlighted in blue. If this is confusing look at the attachment below. I think you will find it works this way.

Sincerely Syd
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Old 08-17-2006, 12:34 AM
Photo678's Avatar
Photo678 Photo678 is offline
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no, you goofed

what you are supposed to do is create the retouch layer on the first image....not the one with only the green channel showing....the one with the green channel is where you do your will show up in the color one...when done you go to the color image and adjust the opacity of the retouch layer
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Old 08-17-2006, 12:37 AM
Julien Lions's Avatar
Julien Lions Julien Lions is offline
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Maybe you have duplicate the picture (new picture) instead of the window (same picture) ?
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Old 08-17-2006, 01:10 AM
Syd Syd is offline
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To clear things up a bit you are not supposed to duplicate the document thus creating two separate documents, but rather you are meant to just open a new window of the same document. Therefore it doesn't matter on which window you create the new layer because it will show up on both windows.

All the channels should be highlighted. If you open up the graphic on step two of the tutorial you will see that all the channels are highlighted but only the eyeball of the green channel is switched on. This means that you are working in all the channels not just the green channel. Why? you might ask. Well the Glitter Guru suggests that most of the imperfections in fair skin appear in this channel thus you isolate out the imperfections more clearly from the rest which you don't want to change. Also, I think it was Shelby who suggested this, it is easier on the eyes to work in black and white. So the reason for swithing off the other channels eyeballs is purely a visual one only. It doesn't mean that you are only working in the green channel.

If you wanted to work on the green channel alone you could duplicate it and work on the duplicate. Later select it, copy it and paste over the original green channel. Alternatively. duplicate the background, make sure you are on the duplicate layer, then highlight only the green channel and now start to use your clone brush. You will get all sorts of weird color shifts but if you change the blend mode of the duplicate layer to Luminosity that will get rid of the strange colors. You can then also reduce the opacity of the layer.

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Old 08-17-2006, 04:41 AM
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Flora Flora is offline
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You have probably solved your problem already, but, after reading your post I tried the first steps of the Tutorial and had the same 'problem' you had ... meaning... "When I go to add the new layer that I title "retouch", it goes back to full RGB not just the green channel." .... which, obviously, didn't happen in the Tutorial .... Looks like a changed 'behaviour' from PS7 to CS2 ....
The solution is very easy... (quoting the steps of the Tutorial)

Step 1:
I came up with a different way of seeing the imperfections, which should help you think differently about the process of retouching. It allows you to ignore color momentarily and concentrate on shading, similar to the old Hollywood black and white style of portrait retouching.

First open an image of a person, preferably female. Then choose windows --documents-- new window. You will now have two versions of the same file on screen.
The new commad for this in PS CS2 is: Window>Arrange>New Window for...

After this, just invert the order of the following two steps, so that:

Step (3)--> 2:
Create a new layer called "retouch"., making sure you are working on the 'Retouch' Layer,

Step (2)--> 3:
Choose the document on the right.

Go to your channels palette and turn off the eyeball on the red and blue channels so that you are only viewing the green.

Most of the skin imperfections on light to medium colored skin will show up in this channel and you will be able to see these imperfections more clearly by just viewing the green channel on its own.
... and here, be very careful to follow Syd's first tip!!

P.S. Usually, I strongly 'zoom in' the window I'm working on for better view, leave the second window at 100% view for comparison... and press Shift+Space bar for moving both windows at the same time... (Attachment)

Hope this helps...
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Last edited by Flora; 08-17-2006 at 04:59 AM.
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Old 08-17-2006, 10:03 PM
Fazools Fazools is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
Location: NC
Posts: 59
All I can say is ..


Ask a question and not only do you get 5 responses, but you get pictorials of how to do it!

I love this place!!!

Thank everyone.

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