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Another 8/16 bits question

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Old 09-03-2011, 07:27 PM
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Re: Another 8/16 bits question

Unless you're going through a ton of images on a computer that is short on ram or very old, I don't see what the problem would be doing this one action at 16 to a presumably single layer file. Practically any computer from the last five years does this in a few seconds. If not, you may have an IO bottleneck.
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Old 09-04-2011, 09:58 AM
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Re: Another 8/16 bits question

Based on some recent comments, one would "presume" that I suggested that Dropt should defy her boss and refuse to follow his directions. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am simply expressing my opinion on the subject and YES, my assumptions on the situation. Should the facts prove otherwise, then my opinion and assessment of her inquiry would change. But as it stands, I continue to believe that she is getting hires (larger than 3000 x 2000 pixels) - approximately 7 x 10" at 300 DPI - largely due to the fact that she is even getting 16 bit to start with. Stock photography at online sites (even Getty) is never 16 bit upon download.

What am I basing these assumptions on? The likelihood that she is going to press and printing at a standard 150 ls ruling. I also presume that fact because she is merging multiple images, which is usually done for design and print and less for photographic output. But I could be wrong.

In any event, none of this is relevant and all pure conjecture unless Dropt logs back on and fills in the blanks.
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Old 09-12-2011, 06:32 AM
Decoboy Decoboy is offline
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Re: Another 8/16 bits question

Hi Dropt,

If I had to bet my life on it, I would say that the boss thinks that by doubling the file size by 2 and then going to 8bit he ends up with much the same thing - i.e. 8 is half of 16 so you just double it first right?
We all know that's just plain wrong, but most people don't get the idea of bit depth, and can't comprehend that each single bit increase is a doubling. Furthermore the average Joe doesn't even understand resolution/dpi/ppi etc

Whilst the 8vs16 argument is best avoided, I'll run the risk and make a couple of observations;
As others have noted the range doesn't increase - just the fineness of the steps - and although 256 steps might not be enough in a few cases, we hardly ever need 4096 steps. The trick is learning/recognizing when it might be worth working in 16bit. As others have noted, always keep the 16bit, just in case. I am however firmly in the Dan Margulis camp - it rarely matters-assuming you are working with a non trashed original.

BTW, it should be noted that, apart from a couple of med/large format exceptions most cameras are only 12bit and a few 14bit - thus the whole 16bit thing is a bit of con - i.e. there were never 16bits captured- it is an extrapolation from the original 12-14 bits - nonetheless 12-14 is a BIG increase over 8.

At the end it comes down to what you are trying to achieve, i.e. the final output and how much torture/manipulation you intend. Maybe you could let you boss know about 'this great site I found that explains...'
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Old 09-12-2011, 11:26 AM
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Re: Another 8/16 bits question

DECOBOY... you hit the nail on the head. While most here who have commented, are pretty well versed on the subject - though they may have some varying opinions - the average Joe, has "no idea" what all of this means. At least not in relationship to each other. Image capture to begin with (16 bit vs 8 or 12) - going all the way back to the high end pricey scanners, has been debated and argued. There was always squabbling and debate over this issue of "who had the better" scanner. Most people who spent less than 40K on their scanners and professed that they were capturing 16 bit, failed to read their own equipment's technical specs which often clearly said the scanner captured 12 bit (or even 8 bit) raw data. The 16 bit was always interpreted from that original capture. But it sounded good when competing against the big boys. Nothing seems to have changed when it comes the current crop of mid-range to hi-end cameras out there.

Now you talk about resolution? Input vs output, dpi vs ppi and throw in there LS (line screen), bits and bytes, levels of gray, etc., many of the folks working in the field can't fully comprehend it all.

I attribute a lot of this confusion to a lack of education, misinformation and oftentimes a short lived history in the field. Had you been doing this since the beginning of electronic imaging, you were forced to understand these principles and make the appropriate choices, at varying stages during production process.

Finally, I know you meant it tongue-in-cheek, but I would not have Dropt have her boss check out "this site" since some have roasted him - most importantly "she".
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Old 09-12-2011, 02:16 PM
Dropt Dropt is offline
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Re: Another 8/16 bits question

Hello everyone,

So many answers ! daygraphics and decoboy, you're absolutly in the right; I quite sure my boss thought that it might be a resolution matter between 8 and 16, which is not. You pretty much said it all, and my case is now solved ! Thanks a lot.
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