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LAB Book

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Old 10-12-2005, 02:36 PM
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And things seemed to be going so well..

I've now worked through Dan's book up to Chapter 11. I was actually feeling pretty good about my newly developed, albeit rudimentary, skills until I came to page 236,7,8 and his discussion on reducing screen patterns. I think I'm ready for a lobotomy!. Can anyone do a simple workflow that gets the job done? His side note to 11.17d is: "a blending channel created by enhancing contrast in the A". His supporting text page 237 says " we move to the alpha channel (the copy of the original A) and open it up with Curves, producing Figure 11.17D."

Question 1: What is a blending channel created by enhancing contrast in A?
Question 2: None of my curves on copy of original A (11.17B?) gives me 11.17D. I get white lips not black lips as shown.
Question 3: In any case, how do you apply this new high contrast channel to the L in "Lighten" mode?

Of course, perhaps this is not the right place for my questions.


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Old 10-12-2005, 06:45 PM
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Richard Brackin posted elsewhere on our site that another website has a reading group working their way through Margulis' book -- they haven't posted info on Ch 11 yet (that I noticed), but looks like a good place to ask questions and take part in the discussions. (I haven't gotten the book yet, but I'm going to read thru their discussions to see if I can glean some knowledge before I buy it).

RichardBrackin posted:

"L*a*b* Tutorials: and go to the thread: "The Digital Darkroom - Software"
They are taking Dan Margulis' book on working in L*a*b* chapter by chapter and having a discussion on it."
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Old 10-13-2005, 07:11 AM
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Richard, That specific information was not given in the text so I would have to say no- there was no tone conversion. And to the author's defense, he does point out in the introduction that he has learned from many of his students that his way is not always the best way, and that students often can come up with superior RGB results (or rather when working in RGB). I'm not familiar with the tone layer you mention so I would be curious then as to which methods uses less steps. Also now that I think about it- I wonder if the same artifacts he points out with the luminosity blend would still show on an 16 bit photo.


Originally Posted by Richard_Lynch
In the context that you use here, has the content of the layer been converted to tone before applying the sharpening? If not, of course there is a clear difference. If you sharpen color, sharpening will be applied to all the components, and the result will be much different than applying sharpening to a tone layer; namely the color noise will be sharpened and can affect the tone result. To convert the layer to tone, you also have to use the right method, rather than simply desaturating.

If that is the proper context, I am sure the rest of the book isn't so marginal. Lab IS useful...but there may be other means of correction in RGB that are not generally discussed that can be just as surprising. I still think, as an author, that it is a lot of pages for the subject.
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Old 08-08-2006, 06:04 PM
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Photoshop LAB Color


I am a new member to the forum and have a question about "Photoshop LAB Color: The Canyon Conundrum and Other Adventures in the Most Powerful Colorspace" and the author Dan Margulis. I would consider myself an intermediate Photoshop user eager to learn more of the fine points especially as it pertains to color and photography. I have never read any book by Dan Margulis but I understand he is an excellent read. Here's my main question: Do his most recent books on Photoshop and specifically "Photoshop Lab Color" require that I own Photoshop CS2? I have CS with no immediate plans to obtain CS2 and before I buy any of his recent books I want to make sure that CS is enough. Thanks in advance. I look forward to visiting and learning from this forum often.

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Old 08-08-2006, 08:24 PM
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PS LAB Color

Jim, welcome to Retouch Pro!
CS will be absolutely fine for Dan's great book. There is nothing you need in CS2 that isn't already in CS or PS7. Enjoy, and come back if you get stuck on anything.
Regards, Murray
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