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sjm 08-21-2003 04:32 PM

Has anyone ever used these?

I have no access to PS training in my area, and I find following written tutorials difficult.

Will these be very helpful? Any critiques?


CJ Swartz 08-25-2003 09:17 PM


Guess no one else has used the DVDs, but I certainly have considered buying them. If you read Doug's review, he states, and I agree, that "Reading a book is no match for watching over an expert's shoulder while they work." I bought Ms. Eismann's first book on Retouching, and it is excellent. Do you or a friend own it, or does your library have it? If you have not yet read her book, I would NOT buy the DVDs -- unless you don't have to worry about the money ;) . First see how you like her teaching style and methods in the book, and then if you want more -- go for the discs.

I am NOT sure how much more she can explain in the disc that she doesn't share in her book, but I want to see her in action, and think that I would learn something from the opportunity. If I had a bunch of extra money, I would have already bought one or all of them, but I will probably treat myself to one for Christmas. :)

Ms. Eismann is highly skilled, writes clearly and well, openly shares her knowledge in her books and on her website -- you can't go wrong if you buy the DVD's -- it's just a matter of the expense and your budget.

Bob Walden 08-26-2003 08:40 AM

Hi all. I have Katrin's PS Image Restoration & Repair and PS Creative Compositing. I refer to both of them quite a bit.
Somewhat on the high side price wise and I wish they were dvd's but still a great investment.


CJ Swartz 08-26-2003 09:35 AM


Somewhat on the high side price wise and I wish they were dvd's but still a great investment.
Bob -- they are offered as DVDs now (for $10 more, on the website that sjm linked ) -- maybe you could sell your videos on EBay and buy the DVDs? :)

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