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PHOTO ART: Mini-Challenge #28 – OhThatGirl II

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Old 11-11-2002, 10:44 AM
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phili1 phili1 is offline
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Location: New Jersey
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Hi Danny. I use Jakaleena tutorial hoe di this thurn out.

Also I am haveing trouble downloading pics to the sight it keeps telling me the file is to large, but it changes. Am I doing something wrong.
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File Type: jpg lisa-peters 3 copy.jpg (71.5 KB, 34 views)
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Old 11-11-2002, 12:33 PM
DannyRaphael's Avatar
DannyRaphael DannyRaphael is offline
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A+... I'd say you've got this one nailed bigtime. Very, very nice. If you didn't, I'd submit this one for the official challenge. Definitely worthy of that.

RE: Upload difficulties / filesize issues
I use the FILE > Save for the Web... function. It gives an accurate value of filesize. Under 100KB, works fine. Often can do vs. no-go is a function of the "jpg quality" value specified.

As a general rule I can post an 8" by 10" image at 72 ppi with decent enough jpg quality.
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Old 11-11-2002, 01:42 PM
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phili -- excuse me for stepping in where you only asked for Danny's comments (but after painting that flying horse you saw during your last "night out", I thought we were friends )

Your second effort is very good, and I can only see an itty bitty area around her hairline on her left side (facing image) that you missed and some green in her neck area - in the shadows (they often turn another color than the lit areas).

Your first effort looks like you were trying to apply some shading to her cheeks -- which really takes some practice, I think, since I can't do it right -- that led to the "blotchy" look. If we look at the images of models in cover shots, I think we can practice making the makeup look like that -- will take some time to get good, but should be fun trying!
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Old 11-11-2002, 02:37 PM
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Location: New Jersey
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Thanks CJ. I do not mind any comments. Dannys kind of helping me deveolp myself so I have a habit of asking his advise but all is welcome.

I do know about those areas, my main concern was her face , hair and lips, I tried something different for the background and did not spend time with it.
I have trouble with the selection tool in Photo 7 for some reason. I cant get it to select what I want.

In the past I never used layers, which was a pain if you made a mistake and it has opened a new door for me, I cant believe all that I didnt know, but I am learning.

Thanks for your help and please anytime just jump in, I do not mind people helping me.
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Old 11-11-2002, 07:17 PM
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Location: New Jersey
Posts: 237
Ok CJ how is this one I removed the green and added some effect lighitng.
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File Type: jpg lisa-peters-5-copy.jpg (11.9 KB, 24 views)
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Old 12-24-2005, 08:27 AM
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lkroll lkroll is offline
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Lady of Character.

Some more play with ASCIIGen.

                                0WMM000MMZi7a;     .                                                
                                8;Z:200Z   .,r@WiZ                                                  
                            M:  8WMMMBSi:XaaZ.ir787@MX:                                             
                           M0Z:0MMZ2MMaS:    2MBW8XSMMMM;                           .               
                         MMBS;8WW@MWWW0Za2a;,i .Z8r    WM8 BW                                       
                         MB8S;B0BWM@W@@@B0@B2arXX: 2WMM0@7  MM                                      
                         MW082aZZM@WBW@@8Z0WMMMMMMMMM80BX ,  M@                                     
                         M0WB2ZBBMMWW0@W8ZB@@@MMMMMWr  00:r  MM0;                                   
                         7@B@@a@BBMWBWWBB@@2iB.         BBr Z8ZMW                                   
                          MM@MS7X28@880@W0XMM8MMMM0     ra;MM0aM7Zi                                 
                          MMMBBa8M7XZ;:,:,;ZiM 0S2      ;. MMB08M 2                                 
                          MMW8WMWM;         iB7S        X  .MM@aMM 7.                               
                          ,WMW@W@MMMB2                 :7   BMM0XMM .                               
                            MMMBBB .MMMBM;             ::    MMMZaMM                                
                             8@00B 0W a; :.            .     ZMMMZ8M;                               
                             aWZMMM       ,     ,           : MWMW2MW                               
                             MWa@@MM0     ..  rX        ,, :  MWM0rM7   ZMMMMMMMM8                  
                            XMB28MWMMM,     .,    rMM  :,  7 BBa2W8MB7MMMMM@@MMMMMMM                
                            rMWZZWBMMMMM7     :aMM8B. .  .WMMMMMMB8@MMM@W@MMWWWMM@MMM               
                             M@W0WB@B@@MMMM  rM8SX0;    ,2i.    XM@@@@W@@@MMM@W@MM@@MM              
                             MMM0MZW0B8BMMMM@          i0r;7   rMMWM@WM@@@MM@MWBW@@@WMM             
                             MMB8M2@BBZ0MW@MMMMZ     .2Z7r2:  2MMWW@W@M@W@MM@M@WWW@M@MMW            
                             SMWMMZWBWZ@WWWW@ZMMMM8a0Wa77Xr  MMM@@@W@WMMWW@M@MM@@W@@MMMM            
                              MBMMZ@WW0WWBWMM8MMMM i.rS227  MMMW@@@@@MMM@MMM@WMM@@W@@@@MM           
                               @SMMMM@00@8MMMMMar     ,77 XMM@W@@WMM@@MWWMMMWMWM@@W@@@@MM           
                                70W2MM80MMMX.       i    XMM@WW@@@MM@@M@WMMM@@@M@W@W@@@@M0          
                                   X2MMMM2      XMMMM   ZMMWW@WM@W@W@MMWWW@@MM@@@WWW@@@WMM          
                                        :     BMMMMM   ZMM@WW@@MWWM@WMMW@MM@MM@MM@@WW@@@@Ma         
                                            .MMMMMM   ,MM@WMMM@MBMMMMMM@W@@M@@@M@W@WW@W@@MM         
                                           MMMM@MM   2MMWWWM@@MMBMMMMMMW@M@@MMM@@@@@@@@@@MM         
                                         MMMM@BMM   8MM@@WMW@MMMW@@MWMMWM@M@MM@W@@@WWW@@@MM         
                                        aMMW@BMM   MMM@@@W@@@M@M@MMMMM@WMW@@@@@@@WW@@W@@WMM         
                                        MMW@BWMM  MMM@@WW@@@@MMWWWWMM@MW@M@@WMMM@@@W@@@@@MM         
                                        M@WWBMMS MMMW@W@@M@W@M@M@MM@@@MW@M@M@@M@W@@@WWW@WMM         
                                        MWMB@MM 2MMW@@@@@MM@MMWMW@@@@MM@@@W@W@@@@@@@W@@@@MM         
                              MM0   WMMW@MWMW@@@@@WWWBWWW@@@MWMMMMM@@@MMWWMWWMMMMW@W@W@MM           
                             MM   :i.MMMMMW@@@M@@@W@@@@MMM@@M@@@@@M@MMMMM@WWWWW@WW@@@@MM            
                            MM   i     ,MMM@WW@WW@M@MM@@MM@MM@MMMM@@MMWWM@WM@@@WWWWWWMM,            
                           ;MM  .        ,MMMWM@@@@@@MM@@M@W@M@M@M@MMMW@W@W@W@MMMM@@MM.             
                           MM0 .  .        MMM@M@MM@@@@WW@WW@WW@@MMMMMW@@@WMWWWBWW@MMB              
                           MM2 .       r    MMMMM@@@@@M@M@@@@M@@@MMMM@M@@W@@@M@@@WMMM               
                           7M0 ,       aZ    :XMM@M@@@W@@W@@MMMMMM@WWWW@M@MWMW@@WMMM                
                            ZM          MMS    ,M@W@@W@@@@@WMWMM@WWWWW@W@WW@@@@WMM2                 
                                .   ;    MMMMMMMMM@M@WWWWW@W@M@WW@@MWMW@BW@B@@MMM                   
                              ,  :   i    MMMMMMMW@@M@M@@@M@M@WBBW@M@@M@@@WMWWMM                    
                               ;r ,   :     MMMWM@@@@W@@@@@@MMMMMMMMMMM@@W@W@MMM                    
                                 i;;        0MMMMM@@@W@W@@WW@@MMM:  WMMMMMWM@M:                     
                                   i:   rZ    BMM@WM@W@@@@@W@WMMM      WMMM@WM                      
                                     MMMMMMM:  ;M@@W@@WWW@@WW@M0         WMWBMM                     
                                     MMM@MMMMMMMM@MMWWM@WW@M@MM   ,.     MMWMMMM                    
                                     MM@W@W@@MMM@W@@MM@W@@W@MM          MM@@@@MM@                   
                                     M@@WM@@@@@WWWW@@W@MMWWMMZ         MMM@@@W@MM.                  
                                     MM@WW@@W@@@@@@MMWWW@MMMM         MMM@WWWW@@MM                  
                                     MMM@@@@@W@@@WWWWWWW@@M           MMM@@W@W@@@MX                 
                                     MZa@WWW@@@@@@W@@W@WMWM          2M@WWW@@W@WWMM                 
                                     MM@MW@@@M@M@@MW@WM@MWMM         aMMM@@@@WWW@MM:                
                                     MMM@WW@@WW@@MM@WW@WMBMMM         MMM@WWWW@WW@MM                
                                     7M@M@WW@@@@W@@@@@WWMMMMM         .MM@WWWWWWWWMM                
                                      MW@WW@@WW@@M@@@@WWMM             MMWWW@WWWW@@M.               
                                      MMM@@@@@W@@@@@@@@MM.   M      .   MMWW@WW@@@@MM               
                                     7MBMWWW@@@@@M@@@MMMM   MMM    ii   MM@WWWWWW@WMM               
                                     MM8WWWW@W@@@@W@@@@MM8  MMMM   @8    M@@WWWWW@@MM               
                                     MMMMW@@W@@W@@@@@@W@MMM WMMM    X   iM@@@@WWWWWMM               
                                     M@MMWWW@@@@W@W@W@@MW@MM  MM  . M   MMMM@W@@WWBMM               
                                     MWM@WWWW@@WW@@MW@@@@@MMM  M@   MM  MWWW@W@W@WWM8               
                                     M@WMWB@@@W@@@@MWW@W@WW@MM SM   ,M2MM@@W@@@@W@@M8               
                                     MMWMMWW@WW@W@@@@W@@W@@MM7  M;   MMMM@@WWW@@@@@MM               
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Old 12-24-2005, 09:45 AM
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boy, i havent seen one of those in a while, lk. one suggestion here, double the image size and crop it and then do the ascii art. you'll get more detail in the face that way. also, if you can use a smaller font that would help.

but yes, fun stuff

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Old 12-24-2005, 04:55 PM
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lkroll lkroll is offline
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Location: Alabama
Posts: 4,746

...I haven't figured out how to set fonts within RetouchPro. Other then Code (which uses a fixed font, and unfortunate fixed size too), you can not show fixed fonts within an embedded submission (unless you convert the font to a bitmap, which, to me anyway, defeats the purpose of this post). I agree that a smaller font would show details better.

Well, there is another way, but way too much work for me.

Last edited by lkroll; 12-24-2005 at 05:04 PM.
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Old 12-24-2005, 06:44 PM
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Originally Posted by lkroll
Some more play with ASCIIGen.

This is an old thread. All I see are the comments from years ago,
besides this new ASCII offering.

Where did the original picture go?

Where did all the submissions go?
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Old 12-24-2005, 09:43 PM
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Craig Walters Craig Walters is offline
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Posts: 8,786
Blog Entries: 4

ok, i changed my font in my browser to 50% of normal. but, as i suspected, that doesnt really help, since that wont add or subtract type already in your image. so, you get no new detail by just changing the browser text size or type. so, the only way to add more detail to your ascii art piece would be at the source.

and since i saw you were using potrace on another image, did you treat this image with potrace before converting to ascii or do any other treatments first?

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