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mdijb 03-28-2005 08:51 AM

Buzz and Virtual PC
Any one have experience using Buzz 2 or 3 for windows on a MAC using Virtual PC??


DannyRaphael 03-28-2005 04:03 PM


Originally Posted by mdijb
Any one have experience using Buzz 2 or 3 for windows on a MAC using Virtual PC??

Why would you not get one of the Mac versions of Buzz?

mdijb 03-28-2005 05:12 PM

Buzz X for os x was gutted--it is not an upgrade, but a huge backward step from buzz2. The filters are very limited and the results are not even close to what I can do with the earlier version--a great dissapointment. The folks at Fo2pix blamed poor support from apple and programming that was too difficult for a small company. The new artmaster sofware will be available for OSX when the next version of is released soon but it will be very expensive and I have read very negativ e comments about the interface. I have built a small business based on the buzz software rely heavily upon it. If the new OSX software is a crappy as the current BuzzX--i need analternative.. Either continue using Buzz2 on my Mac in OS9, or A pc using Buzz3, or buzz3 on a mac using Virtual PC.. Apple is soon to discontinue support for OS9. so something will be need in the future.

DannyRaphael 03-28-2005 05:27 PM

OK... that makes sense.

I can't speak to Buzz specifically but about a year ago another RetouchPRO member reported successfully installing Virtual PC and Win/Elements2 on her Mac in order to run the PC-only plug-in, Impressionist.

So in theory it should work, but considering the investment implications I can understand why you'd want to be sure before making a $ committment.

I wonder if the folks at Fo2pix support would have any pearls of wisdom in this regard?

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