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Photo-Based Art Emulating natural-media painting techniques

TUTORIALS, Photo-Art Tutorials (links)

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Photo-based Art Tutorials

If you're NEW (or old) to photo-based art, you will find many of these tutorials to be very informative.

Unless noted otherwise, they are Photoshop specific.

At the BOTTOM of this list are links to sites where you will find tutorials and/or actions to generate frames, edges, borders, etc.

If you know of any sites not listed here... click the 'PM button' below and send me the URL.

In the mean time: "Keep having fun!"


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

PHOTOSHOP (scroll down for Painter, Paint Shop Pro, etc.)

Are you a rookie?

Start with this one
if you've never done a photo-art tutorial. It's about the most basic one around. Many people get started using this technique.

Note: For a colored version try this when you're finished:
* Duplicate the original colored Background
* Drag it to the top of the layer stack
* Change the layer blend mode from Normal to Color

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
All the Rest
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Artistic Filtering (Jay Arraich)

AHB — Adobe 1:
AHB — Adobe 2:
AHB — Designer Today:
AHB — Jim Caffrey:
AHB — Rhoda Grossman:

Brushstrokes using PS7's new brush engine:

Charcoal (Carla Rose):

Creating Art from Scanned Flowers:

David Rowley Tutorials:
* Hayes Island Café:
* Hollywood Bowl:
* Cardiff Bay:
* Stow on the World:
* The Gift Shop:

Film Strip 1,
Film Strip 2, (Thomas Niemann site) (See "Frames" section)

Half-tones, halftones:

Impressionist plugin:
* Tips:
* Custom settings:
* This tutorial describes a watercolor look. The tutorial author mentions using Microsoft PhotoDraw, which had the equivalent of the Impressionist plugin built-in. Although there's no mention of specific settings, the pictures and descriptions provide a "general roadmap."

Lighting Effects Filter (using):
(Note: The following link is too long, so you'll have to copy/paste the into your browser's address field.){2AA3D241-531B-4480-B135-8B2577D3C7E6}/session_id~{319E7C9F-0E79-4C74-94BF-B58CCC54895F}/content/index.asp

Oil Painting:
Oil Painting-1 ( **)

Old Picture look

Paint by Numbers (TPaul):

Paint by Snapshot Julieanne Kost (jaykita) :

Paint over (trace) a photo (Scott Kelby):

Painting (Cityscape) from

Painted-3 - Note: Although this site is in Spanish, Photoshop commands for this tutorial -- also written by Oscar Hernandez, are provided in English.

Painter 8 and Photoshop (Bobbi Doyle-Maher

Pen and Ink-1 ( **)
Pen and Ink-2 (Gregory Georges)

Pencil sketch 1 (Aal's method):

Pencil sketch 2 (Bryan Duckett)

Pencil sketch 3 (Lisa Neal)

Pencil sketch (other):

Polaroid Image Transfer (submitted by Andrewb)

Posterization (Julieanne Kost)

Sketchy (Howie Mudge method):
Sketchy/Line Drawing ( **)
Sketchy - Navigate to post 5. Originally posted by Lisa Peters from
Sketchy - From Tom Nelson's site
Sketch (basic method) with some optional variations (Worth1000):

Sketch / Line Drawing Variation - Shan Canfield gives a new twist on this popular method. (Scroll down to the Pencil Sketch tutorial - .PDF format)
1/2 Photo, 1/2 Sketch
Sketch with Grain
Sketch / Line Drawing Variation Note: Although this site is in Spanish this tutorial, written by RetouchPRO member "creativo" (aka: Oscar Hernandez), can be followed with a little concentration.
Al Ward method (click the "quick painting" icon):

Watercolor Line Art: (submitted by Bob Spencer)

Watercolor-1 ( **)
Watercolor-2 - From Digital Creativity
Watercolor-3 - Another from Digital Creativity
Watercolor-4 - Semi lame, but worth a look.
Watercolor-5 - (InformIT) A very detailed description of two techniques. The first technique involves actually "painting with a brush"; the second technique is "algorithmic" (i.e., filters, etc.) with a "how it works" description at the end. You'll need to register at the site to read this one, but it's free to register and I think it's worth it just to read this tutorial. (contributed by Jeanie)
Watercolor-6: From
Watercolor-7: By Cricket Blake
Watercolor-8: Suzette Allen, from
Watercolor-9: Slim Palmer
Watercolor 10,
## Exceptional: Watercolor 11, Photoshop 7 Wow method. (Click "Downloads" inside the "More information" box:

Watercolor basics (wetcanvas):
This is not a Photoshop tutorial. The content addresses using "real" watercolor paint and brushes. The purpose is to give you an idea of what to shoot for when using digital tools.

(** = One of my favorite websites outside of Retouch Pro. DannyR)

Misc - Photo/painting combinations - tutorials written by Wacom. An interesting technique that makes most of the photo look like a painting, but leaves "photographic" faces in the painting. (contributed by Jeanie)
Misc - Retouching Photos with Background Textures - I'm not quite sure I fully follow this tutorial, but I like the end result (if I can figure out how to get there). (contributed by Jeanie)
Misc - Non-traditional artistry Simple techniques involving just one filter, but a good look at some possibilities. (contributed by Jeanie)
Misc - Digital Fine Art
Some very interesting techniques - esp. in the second (Bridge and Lilypads) tutorial. (contributed by Jeanie)
Misc - Artistic Filtering An interesting technique described by Jay Arraich in which major edges in an image are enhanced and various filters are applied. Though steps described are for Photoshop Elements, they translate directly to Photoshop. (contributed by Lisa Peters)
Misc - Applying color to selected areas of a grayscale image - 1 - (.PDF)
Misc - Applying color to selected areas of a grayscale image - 2 - (.PDF)

buZZ, buZZPro

Skydancer's site:

Linda Vich's - gallery and mini-tutorials:

Sketch effect:

Paint Shop Pro (PSP)

A boatload of photo-art tutorials:

Texture Painting 2 using Paint Shop Pro - This one uses the FREE plugin, Paint Engine, available from

Texture Painting using Paint Shop Pro (contributed by Andrew B)

Various methods
Oil Painting:

Paint Shop Pro Impressionist

Paint Shop Pro Pen and Ink Sketch

Painted Effect

Pencil Sketch:



One of the BEST I've seen anywhere:

Painter - Miscellaneous tutorials (for a modest fee)

From Corel:

Converting a photo to a painting - D Laurant:

Converting a photo to a painting - Jeremy Sutten:



Drawing and Painting in PhotoImpact (contributed by Jeanie)

Virtual Painter (Plug-in)

Virtual Painter - Has some good pointers.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Frames, Borders, Edges

Actions - Border:

Actions - Border:

Actions - Frame: (3) Wood Frame actions,

Actions - Frames, Mattes by Bud Guinn
DON'T MISS these. They are exceptional.

Action – Frame: Howie’s Translucent edges

Action – Frame: Schwartzie’s Finest Frame

Action – Frame: Lisa Neal inspired layered frame effect


Frames: Tutorial - Vignette tutorial by RetouchPRO's own Jak:

Frames: Tutorial - Step-by-step details.

Frames: Tutorial - Build your own frame from scratch (Jay Arraich):

Frames: Tutorial - Build your own frame from scratch (Robert D. Feinman):



Edges: Collection

Edges: Collection -

Edges tutorial: Espresso Graphics:

Edges tutorial: Edges tutorial from CreativePRO:

Edges tutorial: Creating frames and effects using Displacement Maps (courtesy of RetouchPRO member Mig):

Edges (ragged):

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