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Photo Restoration Repairing damaged photos

Please help with glare

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Old 09-25-2005, 01:14 PM
Cassidy Cassidy is offline
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One of the easier separations, included a selection, a levels and then a blending with shadow. A roughy, but hopefully for idea
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Old 09-25-2005, 01:32 PM
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Hi Shannon. Welcome to RP.

If you have a lot of these to photograph then getting the picture right first is far better than trying to correct them later.

If you had a SLR type camera you could use a polarising filter to eliminate the glare. But as you haven’t I would suggest making some sort of tent. Surround the objects and your camera with white translucent material. This will let the light through so you don’t need flash but will soften the light so you don’t get the glare.

Objects like this can be tricky and you are making it more difficult by photographing a lot at once. You would find it easier if you did just one per photograph.

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Old 09-25-2005, 01:50 PM
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I agree with Ken that you should build a light tent. Here's a tutorial.

Those 100 watts equivalent fluorescents that fit in a lamp socket should make things even easier than in the tutorial. Plastic bags and hot lamps don't go well together.

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Old 09-25-2005, 03:41 PM
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what ken and pierre suggest is correct. you want diffused or indirect light; preferably both. even reflected would be better than direct. and i totally agree with the polarizing lens filter.

one way to get a diffused look (without looking at the tutorial on the tent) is to use a thin cloth material to light the subject area with.

also, in almost all of your images you posted, the lighting needs to come up. they are a bit dark. you particularly want to highlight your product a bit. there are all sorts of tricks in photography for doing things like this. you can actually prop your product up off the background (while hiding the prop to the viewer) and light the product and backdrop separately. or, you can use photoshop to light each separately.

i had a friend who was running a mom and pop jewelry store in alabama. he was expanding his reach by using e-bay also. he was not a photographer, however he'd send me pics to highlight and i'd send them back glitzed up a bit. you might want to find retoucher to do the same. these are usually pretty easy fixes.

generally, when doing images of this type, go for 'pop!'. you want the product to stand out. that usually means contrast and lighting. you dont want a white on white, or red on red and so on, unless the shades of each are pretty far apart. even adding a bit of contrast within the marbles might help on some of them. and usually, you want the background darker than the foreground. not always, but i'd say usually.

you said these are magnetic? umm, you might want to demonstrate that within the image also. show a few sticking things to a refridgerator...things like that.

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Old 09-27-2005, 12:40 PM
shannonh shannonh is offline
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New Photos

I took your advice and made a lighting tent (think that's what you called it). So here are the new pictures. Any suggestions or comments?
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Old 09-27-2005, 12:48 PM
shannonh shannonh is offline
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more pictures

more pictures

how do I remove the white speckles from the picture pink dots?
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File Type: jpg pink dots.jpg (25.3 KB, 18 views)
File Type: jpg Image042.JPG (31.8 KB, 13 views)
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Old 09-27-2005, 12:49 PM
Mike Mike is offline
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Looks like you still have some glare, I would try a SLR camera and double polorized light.

Also to make the background disappear, try placing the subjects on a sheet of glass that has some diffusing material underneath it (ie white typing paper) and then a light under that so the light is just enough to wipe out any shadows that the orginals cast, but not enough so the background glares into the lens.

Also, the examples you posted do not look all that sharp here.

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Old 09-27-2005, 01:19 PM
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Craig Walters Craig Walters is offline
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you can remove the little white speckles with the clone/heal tool. you could even use a heavy opacity smudge or push, but the clone would be better.

also, in your first re-post of these pics, the one entitled 'dolls', is that white in the objects or is that glare?

and, your new images look better. i'd say your tent has definitely helped.

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Old 10-09-2005, 12:13 PM
oldblackcrow oldblackcrow is offline
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Originally Posted by shannonh
I started making glass marble magnets to sell on eBay. I have taken hundreds of pictures inside, outside and everywhere I can possibly think of but I am still getting this awful glare. I have Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album 5 if that helps. When I edit they turn out looking fake.
I tried to attach the photo but the file is to large.

Well, personally, I would nip the problem before the image makes it to the camera. Try using a polerizing filter either on the lens of your camera or if you have a lighting system, they have polerizing filters for those too.

There is a great book called "Light - Science and Magic"

It teaches one how to deal with lighting specific materials in many situations.

Good luck!
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