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Craig Walters 07-14-2007 01:28 AM

Finding Restoration Tools, Helps and Tutorials
as a website, especially a forum, grows larger, things tend to fall into the cracks and get lost. even a search can be frustrating at times. therefore, i'm starting a thread going here that consolidates where to find restoration tools, helps, tutorials or anything useful for doing restorations....within reason.

you may write small mini-tutorials and post them here, link to other tutorials, link to other helps and so on. one of the things that will drive any moderator crazy after a while is, 'where do i find so and so?' or 'how do i do so and so?' and as the moderator you've seen that same question asked and answered 50 times already and you just get tired of answering. so, put it in here. this is the thread for those common answers.

the types of links i'd like are 'here's how to clone', 'here's how to use the heal tool to help in restorations', 'here's a link to john doe's excellent colorization tutorial' and so on. what i dont want is, 'here's a link to adobe for buying photoshop' ... too general. or, 'here's a link to retouching'... off topic. i want RESTORATION helps. and whereas retouching and restoration often cross paths, i do want to keep this specific to restorations. now, that doesnt mean you cant post something about fixing a color balance issue. that's fine, but i'm really not interested in the 16,000 different ways to retouch skin textures, even though we do deal with such at times.

and please, no questions here about 'how do i do such and such?'. this is sort of a mini library of restoration solutions, not a questions and answers thread.

so, if you see a really good solution to some restoration problem, one that you feel would be definitive to restoration work, post a link to that thread here so it doesnt get lost. if you know of a good tutorial, even if it's already in our tutorial forum and it's specifically something we'd use in restorations, link to it here.

i'm mostly interested in helps and tutorials that already exist on this site, the retouchpro site, but i will entertain off-site links if they are distinctly apropo to restorations.

you may post more than one link and more than one link per post. and i'd prefer to see the entire link instead of the condensed version for these. i'd also like at least a one line description of what that link is about included with the link.

i may re-arrange various posts to keep things categorized a bit, and i may also delete a post or link if it's not apropo to restorations. but, dont worry, no repercussions if i do.

so, help out your tired, old moderator and save my hair. post your tuts, helps, and links to such here!

Craig Walters 07-14-2007 11:55 PM

Re: Finding Restoration Tools, Helps and Tutorials
ok, let's start this off.

title/subject: Fixing a Blown Out Sky
author: Swampy
who posted the link: me

Craig Walters 07-15-2007 12:51 AM

Re: Finding Restoration Tools, Helps and Tutorials
title/subject: Restoring an Old Photograph
author: Cameraken
who posted the link: me

Britsdad 07-15-2007 08:17 AM

Re: Finding Restoration Tools, Helps and Tutorials
Do you mean such as this one for setting neutral grey point to remove colour casts? I know it's on a different site but it is very good at doing it.

Craig Walters 07-15-2007 03:23 PM

Re: Finding Restoration Tools, Helps and Tutorials
thanks, britsdad :)

and yes, i think that one qualifies.

what i may do here is two sticky threads, one for everyone to post their links and another where i arrange them in order. that second one would be closed for posting and only for viewing. i'd simply take the info from the open one and organize it in the second one.

lurch 07-16-2007 09:33 AM

Re: Finding Restoration Tools, Helps and Tutorials
Pete, I really like your suggestion. Don't think it would be much more work for Craig, and would be much easier for users to dig through.


Craig Walters 10-04-2007 09:30 PM

Re: Finding Restoration Tools, Helps and Tutorials
title/subject: Fixing silvering on a photo
author: multiple

grygarness 11-26-2007 10:27 AM

Re: Finding Restoration Tools, Helps and Tutorials
Hi there

I'm completely new to the forum, but I think I have something to contribute here, so I might as well make a quick introduction. I divide my time between freelance retouching, Photoshop training and writing tutorials. I'm an Adobe Certified Expert and most of the time I know what I'm talking about! I have several free tutorials online, and a couple of ebooks. My speciality is covering the digital imaging fundamentals in great depth, and as clearly as I can possibly muster. At the end of December I'll be releasing a big Portrait and Beauty Retouching book, but meanwhile I have books on Color Optimization, Color Management, and free tutorials on Sharpening, Black & White in RGB, Adobe Bridge Workflow in CS2 and CS3, Masking and Cutting out Hair, Pen Tool Technique, and a few more. I also have some shorter tip-sheets on using Layers, Web Preparation, Comping and Montage... and more. Have a look and feel free to download!

If I may, I'll do a bit of research on this forum in the future, regarding how people like their tutorials formatted. Writing tutorials to everyone's taste is quite a challenge, and I'd like to hear some opinions.

allbest GG

Craig Walters 01-24-2008 10:51 PM

Re: Finding Restoration Tools, Helps and Tutorials

Look at the OPs original here:
then scroll down to Chillins post

This tutorial "Restoring an old photograph" by cameraken has become the starting point for most of my projects:

Used in conjunction with this tutorial "Enhancing Details In Unevenly Faded Pictures" by Flora:

Here are some other links that may help:

How to Repair a Light Leak or Stain

Faded foto

Old Faded Color Damaged Photo

Help on technique for restoring photos that have gone pink

~Click for Info on how to size and attach images to your posts~

After you post your less than 100K version here, you could also post a larger version at (3Meg max, free) or (2Meg max, free) or (1 Meg max free,... 5 Meg PRO)-- then post a link here in this thread to the site that is hosting your larger version.
this was posted by "OlBaldy" in another thread. i've copied it here.

ratherbsouth 04-10-2008 04:22 PM

Invalid links
These links don't work


Originally Posted by Kraellin (Post 180870)

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