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DukeLeto 02-08-2010 02:58 AM

double exposure
Trying to repair an old photo of my grandma for birthday but cant seem to figure out how to remove the double exposure without loosing the "natural" look to the picture. I dont want the picture to look like its been worked on in photoshop.

any help or advice would be verry verry verry apriciated ;)

mistermonday 02-08-2010 08:14 AM

Re: double exposure
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The far left side of the image does not have a lot of visual value so I would be inclined to crop the image at the back end of the horse. You can burn the horses back end to lower its luminosity to match the rest of the horse. You can patch up the gable / roof in a number of ways. I did a 2 minute quick patch here to show a possibility - not intended for accuracy or neatness.
Of course you could crop more tightly and chop off the whole back end of the horse. If you want to keep the left side of the photo you would probably need to mask in that section from another good photo.
Good luck with the restoration.
Regards, Murray

Cupcake 02-08-2010 01:44 PM

double exposure
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Here is the large image!
Hope you like it.:)

DukeLeto 02-09-2010 01:42 AM

Re: double exposure
wow Cupcake. thats skils :D
may I ask how you do your magic?

Cupcake 02-09-2010 12:42 PM

Re: double exposure

Originally Posted by DukeLeto (Post 258228)
wow Cupcake. thats skils :D
may I ask how you do your magic?

I'm very happy that you like it.
Magic **** I'm an artist. :wink:
Just fix what is wrong.

B & W 1st,
left side new layer to fix the lightness.
Some healing,
and the rest is painting.
Then Sepia and frame.

Craig Walters 02-10-2010 10:38 PM

Re: double exposure
nice jobs.

however, i disagree about cropping on this one. the left side does have some value in it, especially if you were there or it was your house and so on. and even if it didnt have any sentimental value, that's an old log cabin which in itself has interest (at least to me).

Mevster_1 06-06-2017 10:33 PM

Re: double exposure
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This is my first post to this site.

I am looking for someone to help me.
My request is to correct the double exposed photo of my deceased father.

This photo was taken in 1951 and somehow my Dad' s image was double exposed with some other image.

I just want to see what my Dad looked like at 20 years old.

If anyone is able to help me, I will be most grateful!

Thank you in advance!

Tashadow 03-06-2018 12:20 AM

Re: double exposure
I have a photo from 2004 that I took with a double exposure camera I did not know was a double exposure camera. It was with Rick Springfield which makes it a meaningful photo except it is terrible and, I hoped I could find a way to fix it. Can I post the photo here for someone to look at? I don't know if I can start a new thread.

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