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yairisan 07-11-2017 01:20 AM

New to forum

After a recent visit to the UK to meet ailing folk, I have charged myself with archiving a pretty vast trove of photos - some going back to the late 1800s. I have completed the scanning stage (using a Canon 220 at its highest resolution), so we have everything digitized. A lot of the pics are in astonishingly good shape (some not so, but for the most part it's amazing how well they have held up). The scanner's auto correction has already leveled some of the contrast and white balance issues—probably not to the standards of a lot of people here, but for me, I thought it did a great job of making faded images pop a lot more without any obvious artifacts, just clearer images and hidden details revealed.

I'd like to share one of the damaged ones I have been working on here for some advice in some tricky areas; however, when I just tried earlier, I was informed of a 100K rez limitation. (The file in question is about 900K.)

Where should I post this (ideally) and in what format should I do so?

Sorry, this is my first post, and I'm not sure what I'm doing quite yet.

0lBaldy 07-11-2017 06:02 PM

Re: New to forum
Welcome to RetouchPRO :)
Hope you enjoy your stay here and make lots of friends.
Poke around, have fun! :)

RetouchPRO is a place for help, with abundant offerings of knowledge, opinions, or just interesting thoughts, We are a remarkably troll-free and welcoming group.

When you post your work, post how you did it. or, post stages of your work. there's nothing like a picture sequence to show how a thing progressed to the final stage.

Each post helps thousands of future users, not just you.

Just one thing to help the forum... If you use Photoshop you can post fairly large pictures which are under 100k using the 'save for web' function in Photoshop as described in this thread:
(Size, Quality and/or Format your Attached Images..)
The save for web function in the latest Photoshop is hidden under File>Export>Save for web (legacy)

This thread explains (How to attach Files/Images to your Posts or Threads )

If you want to post a larger resolution that is over 100K then you can host your image elsewhere and attach a link in the thread, but also, always please attach an under 100K version (so the thread remains useful in the future, regardless of external links). (link to the highest resolution.. or the largest size you can upload)

If you become a "Patron" You can attach files up to 1MB to any post, You won't see any ads on the site, There's a private forum just for Patrons, You can display an automatic signature under your posts, Your posts will clearly identify you as a Patron, so everyone knows of your generous support.

Welcome aboard ! :)

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