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Photo Retouching "Improving" photos, post-production, correction, etc.

Glamour retouch challenge here!!!!

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Old 09-10-2006, 05:21 PM
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who's the winner?

Well, I've been away and wanted to wait as long as I could...Just to see how many of you guys took this challenge head on....And WOW! The respons was fantastic!

keep em coming!

Should we pronounce a winner later on??? Or should we just let the challenge pass on?

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Old 09-12-2006, 06:31 AM
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Challenges dont usually have winners but it would be great to hear your comments on people's work since you started the challenge
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Old 09-12-2006, 12:53 PM
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i'm with nancyj on this. as the poster looking for help, your 'payment' is to respond to each person that contributed. they WANT feedback, usually.

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Old 09-12-2006, 02:41 PM
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Nice pic to play with
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Old 09-12-2006, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by NancyJ
Challenges dont usually have winners but it would be great to hear your comments on people's work since you started the challenge

Should I respond to every single one???

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Old 09-12-2006, 04:57 PM
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I will give everyone who have made a contribution some words of hwo I liek dthe pictures and/or what they need to fix (IMO)!!!

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Old 09-12-2006, 05:11 PM
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Thank You List!


ZIAPHRA: Nice work, too much glow for my taste, but love the eyes! The picture would hav ebenefit frome the eyse if the whole picture was a bit darker...

I.ILIEVSKI: The brown colour is abit strong here, but nice work on th eyes and the new colour on the headthingy! Cudoz for keeping the birthmarks

PETER S: Nice browntan, but abit too much of glow for me! The pictures lacks abit sharpness bcus of it! Nice work

MIGUEL: Nice work on the skin, but her left eye is abit to manipulated...I see what you were trying to do...her right was nice, but left eye isn't so good...Nice work only flaw is the eye! Cudoz for the eyemakeup!

PRETTYPIXAL: Wow, this more of a manipulated retouch picture than glamour! You have tried to get a sort of goth look here...It works, but abit much of colouring around the eyes and the iris!

PLUGSNPIXELS: Here is to much of everything! The glamour retopuch isn't following it's right path! More of a experimental manipulation here! Nice try

CASSIDY: Nice work on the skin...The colouring was very good! light and easy to my eyes!

OLTENIUS: A more experimental retouch here...the skin isn't retouche after my standards...But the effect gives a nice felle to the picture, the makeup adds to the weirdness here...Good on ya! Thnaks for sharing

CASSIDY: Nice crop here, more details to the head! Nice job on the skin, but people here haven't tried to fix the hairs in her face! miss that!

SYD: Nice eye makeup, the sklin is almost there, abit to much of effect on the retouch on the skin! Some places you see the skin some places not! But a good job by you, SYD!

BADMIKE: Nice skin, abit to much effect...The glow effect isn't for my taste, but it works well...The gloww effect adds areas on her skin looking pale...That's not good! Nice work on the skin!

DWTHOMP: Nice an d clean on effect, but I feel her face it bit weird...there are areas on her skin that looks darker then other areas...Like she is dirty...on her cheeks, round her mouth...Thanks for sharing...

LEUALLEN: The silver feel over the whole picture is great! I feel it's abit too much, the picture lacks abit of sharpness, maybe that's all it takes to get a better version?! The eyes are a nice effect, but would beneift abit more if the picture was abit darker! Very nice job !

NANCYJ: Nice job on the skin, but i feel the dodging here is abit to much! The picture came out like on a plastic model! But I love the skin!

NANCYJ: This was nice also, but teh skin is showing to much effect on the retouching! Thanks for SHARING, NANCYJ!

DKCOATS: Nice blush effect her on the cheeks! The skin retouch is ok! It looks like everyone here today have used the BYRO De-grunge trick! Nice color on the eyes!

RAY12: Nice background! The eyes came out looking abit weird! You have tried to reduce the gap between the eyes and teh edge, but it shows to much! The skin on her shoulders looks very nice, but in her face it's abit flat! Maybe a combination between those 2? Thanks for sharing!

BELLA: Nice work on the skin! teh colour overall is abit greenish! The dodging on her right cheek is ging her face a somewhat dirty feel! Thanks for sharing!

PHOTOVAGRANT: Nice overall light here! abit yellowish! The crop is abit of her body a wrong feel! her shoulders seems bigger on here right than her left! Thanks for sharing!

WILDDUCK: The lighitng effect here isn't working at all! I would try to make a new background here! But a nice try nontheless! the skin looks ok! The lighing effects is destroying your work here! Thanks for sharing!

PAVEL123: Nice skin job, but too much glow! her eyes looks dark and mysterious! abit scary! Would love to this picture without the glow effect! Thanks for sharing!

LQQKER: A very interesting approach here...scary eyes! But her skin looks very "unstable"...some spots here tha are darker then other areas!§ The crop and bacground adds tention! would love to see a drake version on the face ass well and better retoc8uhing on the face! Thnaks!

PAVEL123: thes to approaches was very white! It looks like you hav tried to make my grilfriend look like a clown that does the mim tricks? Abit more work on the skin and another round the eyes to get more detals...maybe that would help! Thnaks for sharing!

DOUDIMMEZ: Nice work on the eys, but abit more subtle effect would help more! Cudoz for adding teeth! But these tteth diddn't do the picture any good! The mout was too BIG and the angle of the mouth made it look way of! GOOD JOBB ON THE SKIN! The skin colour is too dark! I smell a new versin from you! Thnaks for sharing!

CMYK PHOTOS: Nice backgrounds on thes pictures! And the feel to pictures is very good! NIce job here! But you have narrowed the face down! The face looks looong nad the mouth is too big! Maybe a new version without the narrowing would do better thanks for sharing!

PINDARO: Nice add of attitude here! Love the look of the face! The picture overall is too light! the eyes would benefit the pictuire of the picture is darker! Gives a new version!!!! Thanks for sharing!

LQQKER: This version was better! cleaner and more benefitials to the picture in whole! Very good job! Thanks for sharing!

DESIM25371: Nice skin! But I feel the crop is abit boring after studying all the other pictures here! Thanks for sharing!

GERU: Nicwe work on the background! the facial retouch is abit to strong on the make up! It's all about be subtle ther to the very las detail! Thanks for sharing!

DOUDIMMEZ: Abit of on the mouth! skin is good! the skin in colour is abit dark! Thanks for sharing!

AARONOLOGY101: The skin is good, but a little flat! th crop is very high up,s o abit details on her lower side should be there!§ Thanks for sharing!

DOUDIMMEZ: You are probably the most creative one tha have given your pictures! Thanks for you versjons! This picture is interesting! a nude picture approach! the boddy is a bit big comapring ti to the head here! the colour on eyes are ncie! but the skin colour is too dark! a more subtle effect on you pivtures would do very good! Thansk for sharing!!!

JOHNNYC: The skin is abit falt I would try to take down the opacity here to were you can some degree of skin texture! the makeup is a good try! Thanks for sharing!

GODMOTHER: The mouth is to much manipulated! And you have manipulated the shoulders upwards? It gives the picture a strange feel to it! Nice try! The skin need abit more attention! Thansk for sharing!

BRIAN2: Nice color on her skin! abit more skin work! Overall a nice picture! Thnaks for sharing!

SOLITEAR: The makeup is too strong! she doesn't look real! abit more subtle effect on the makeup! Would add more realism the makeup!The blurriing in the cleeveage is to strong! Thnaks for sharing!

POETIC IMAGE: very nice job on the skin in her face! You have place the model the oppocite way! that is very nice! The retouch and makeup is nice and realistic in my eyes! Very good job! Thanks for sharing!

HYBRIDWIRE: Nuice image, abit flat! would add more "wetness" to the skin! the effect on the iris here is nice! Overall good picture! Thnaks for sharing!

LORELEI2876: Nice skinwork in the face some job on the nose needs more attention also on the body! more redness to the lips! nice touch there! Nice job! Thanks for sharing!

MARIYANA: To much effect on the eyes! it makes them look BIG! Plus for adding puffyness to the upper lip! Abit more work on the skiin! Thanks for sharing!

TOO EVERYONE: THANKS FOR SHARING! Had a very nice time being the judge, so I hope not everyone have felt left outside here! I think I've managed to get everyone who have given their creative work a piece of my mind! Have a nice daY!

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Old 09-12-2006, 06:04 PM
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Thanks for the critique! Was lots of fun... ;o) tell your girlfriend she is a babe... ;o)))
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Old 09-12-2006, 06:24 PM
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gerry, i hope i'm not too late for the "judging" -- here's mine -- i did A LOT of eye manipulation, no offense to your girlfriend -- she is very pretty -- it just seemed like it was more of an angle type of "gap" -- any way, hope you like it.

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Old 09-12-2006, 08:51 PM
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Hey everyone, this is my entry. What do you guys think? I wanted to give it a high-fashion feel, while still making it look natural. Then I did a quick make-up add, to see what I could do with it. I think I gave her a subtle Twiggy feel. At least, I hope I did...

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File Type: jpg Challenge2.jpg (99.0 KB, 336 views)

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