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gmitchel 05-05-2009 09:17 AM

Faux LOMO Effect Preset
Simulating the Lomographic photo effect is popular. LOMOs were small, cheap, reliable cameras made by the former Soviet Union. The photographic effect is unique. Moderate lens vignette artifacts, high contrast, burned out highlights, lots of saturation, and film corss-processing effects.

I've made a pair of presets for giving photos a LOMO effect. One for Lightroom 2 and the other for Adobe Camera Raw 5.

Lightroom 2 Preset

ACR 5 Preset

This is a rather sophisticated preset. Youu should start with your basic adjustments o white balance, color, and tone. For faux LOMO effects, Auto will often work ell, although in this case I used the "Daylight" white balance setting. I also increased Blacks a touch to emphasize detail in the wood and the waves.

If you're curious about all the steps in this preset, here's a quick listing:

Clarity is boosted to emphasize detail
Vibrance is boosted to increase saturation of less saturated colors
Saturation is reduced overall
Strong parametric tone curve is applied to boost contrast and burn out highlights
Moderate sharpening effect is applied to emphasize detail
Split tone is applied to simulate film cross-processing
Moderate vignette is added

You can adjust any/all of the effects to suit your own artistic judgment.

These are free downloads! Enjoy!



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