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Photo Retouching "Improving" photos, post-production, correction, etc.

For your review, C&C please!

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Old 01-30-2010, 08:58 PM
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For your review, C&C please!

Hey folks.

My shooting partner got these photos a week or so ago and asked me to do some touchup on them.

C&C is always appreciaated!
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Old 01-30-2010, 10:24 PM
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Re: For your review, C&C please!

39 views and no responce!

i take this as a good sign!

at least i diddnt totally screw it up.
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Old 01-30-2010, 10:58 PM
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Re: For your review, C&C please!

Well, just from a quick view, "and" without taking it into my photoshop, if your intention was to lessen her "fullness" a few things could have been improved. I noticed her right arm could have been reduced in size to match the left arm (fatty area around bicep and tricep). The image right shoulder area could have been reduced as well to compliment the other arm changes, probably with a shadow adj. I can appreciate the fact that you didn't change her facial appearance in any extreme way, only bringing out the attractiveness that already existed. Skin color looks good on my monitor and the lighting change seems to work. I'm not sure if the small amount of hair that shows on the other side of her right hand is necessary, as well as the dab of hair on her left top hand. If anything it seems to be a distraction in my view.

Of course this is only a suggestion, I would have increased the lip gloss to further accent the lower lip (a wider area), perhaps with a slight dodge, keeping it on her right area. Her breast area could have been slightly enhanced utilizing shadows for fullness, which as is, gives a "flat" appearance (refering to the lower dress, cleavage and the top skin area). All and all I think you did a pretty good job without going over the top.
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Old 01-30-2010, 11:08 PM
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Re: For your review, C&C please!

Thanks for the critique!

Yeah i am not that satisifed on her right arm, i tri3ed to just reduce the shadow in the fold of the skin. i suppose i could have just eliminated it altogether. ill play around with it a little bit more.

she is a body builder and it really creates an unusual terrain on the physical appearance

im glad it does not look overdone, personally with retouch work i would rather err on the side of less than more less you get that doll like look.

it was an interesting shoot to say the least, i have known her for several years, i wonder how many images you see in the magazines where the model was making cracks about dog farts and crop dusting the whole time.


thanks for the critique!
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Old 01-31-2010, 05:17 PM
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Re: For your review, C&C please!

i was asked to post my flow in another forum board.... ill copy it here


I have some time, so i think ill do just that.

I dont claim to be a pro by any means, this is just what i did to get this effect, im sure there are many other ways and i do not claim this to be the most effecient method to achieve these results. I am eager and open to any constructive criticism about my workflow. My workflow is a bit sloppy and im working on it, sometimes i have to re-do things, like the liquify filter, etc.

this was all done using CS3 on a cheap $700 dell studio 15 laptop with the non-upgraded laptop monitor calibrated with a spyder 2 express and the bottom of the line Wacom tablet. I have no formal training , just half a dozen books, viewed tons of youtube tutorials, and lots of free time.



1) Liquify Filter. Made adjustments to cut down the bicepts and shoulders especially right arm. pulled in a bit under right arm ( i should have gone further there)

2) Filled in the blank area by the right arm where i pulled it in. (Left arm background)

3) Skin Blemish. Used the patch tool for the larger blemishes.

4) Dodge and Burn (grey later labeled Layer 1, forgot to title it correctly) I used a 50% grey filled layer, Soft light blend with 63% opacity then literally pixel by pixel paint white on the dark areas and paint black on the light areas to get a more uniform look. I only spend about an hour on this part. i like to keep some skin imperfections to prevent the person from looking like a realistic doll. my goal is to make it look like nothing was done.

5) Exposure adjustment layer. +.86 exposure and lowered Gamma to 1.20

6) Curves layer, sometimes ill combine Curves and Exposure to get what im aiming for. in this one i did not end up using curves, i just forgot to trash it.

7) I decided to do some liquify on the face, CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-E to create a new layer from everything below, and i threw everything under this new layer into a group to get rid of some clutter.

8) Liquify Filter (should have done this in the beginning, ohwell) Enlarged eyes, Nudged nose to the left, lowered right corner of the mouth, reduced jaw bone. This is a slippery slope, it is easy to make the model look like somebody else, you have to see the key character points and try to leave them alone. In this case im fairly confidant unless she sees the images next to eachother she wont notice anything was done.

9) Patching, copied the liquify layer and ran some more patching, this time around her mouth, under her nose, i diddnt see these flaws before the exposure was adjusted.

10) EYES, i have a cheesy method on this that seems to work. I use the elliptical tool, select over the eyes then copy a new layer from selection. Then using contrast/brightness adjustment on the layer i bump up brightness and contrast about 20-30, then using an eraser i erase everything on that layer but the eyes. It brightens the eyes pretty well. In this case i also did a little swoop on the lower half of the irises with the dodge tool, just the bottom 40%. makes the eyes pop a little.

11) Hue-Saturation. I a m a big fan of desaturating images. after working with curves, exposure, etc, sometimes a light desaturation really nails it all together. in this case i adjusted saturation to -12, then put a layer mask on and blackened the lips so the desaturation hit everywhere except the lips.

12) Once again i wanted more lifquify, so CTRL-LT-SHIFT-E for a new layer from everything below, hit the liquify filter, and did more work to the right bicept, left shoulder, under left arm (still should have gone further) pulled it in a bit under the left breast, and the lower right side, and just a tiny bit on the right forearm.

13) Selective color layer, my new best friend. This can be unbelieveably handy in working on skin tones. In this case in the "REDS" i bumped up Cyan 40% and rediced blacks -34. this nailed the skin tone wonderfully. I then created a layer mask and painted black over the hair to prevent the selective color adjustment from altering the hair.

14) And last but not lease i wanted to reduce the depth of the folds of the armpits, so i got another 50% grey layer, ssoft light blending mode and painted white over the folds to reduce the darkness.

In a nutshell that is pretty much it for image 1.


1) Started off with the patch tool to remove some of the larger blemishes

2) Exposure adjustment layer. Exposure raised +.81, Gamma set at 1.00

3) Groupe this all together, CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-E to create a new layer from everything beneath.

4) Liquified this layer. enlarged eyes, lowered left eye just a hair, slimmed the neck and reduced the muscles around the collor bone to give a more femenine look (she IS a bodybuilder. lol) reduced the jawbone a little, lowered the right side of the mouth a bit to straighten it out.

5) A little more patch work to remove the scar from her forehead.

6) 50% grey, soft light blend, white brush on the creases on either side of the mouth to reduce the depth of the lines.

7) Eyes. Same as before. Elliptical tool, select each eye using shift between the eyes, copy as new layer, contrast and brightness upped about 20-30 to liking, then erased around the eyes to blend it together, and used Dodge on the lower half of the irises to give them a tad more pop.

8) Selective Color adjustment layer to get the skin tone where i want it, +25 cyan -25% black on the Reds. Created a mask to prevent this from altering the color of the hair.

9) Everything grouped back together, CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-E for new layer from everything beneath, used the patch tool to remove the stray hairs on the top right of the forehead.

10) Ran a noise filter to reduce some of the noise, used masking to prevent it from altering the eyes.

and thats about it.

i hope there is something in there of use!
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Old 01-31-2010, 07:26 PM
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Re: For your review, C&C please!

I think they look great! Of course, I am just an amateur...but great job!
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Old 02-01-2010, 05:51 AM
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Re: For your review, C&C please!

It's a nice job. It can be better, but it's going for the right path.
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