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Photo Retouching "Improving" photos, post-production, correction, etc.

Fashion color expert help needed

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Old 11-22-2011, 10:25 PM
rickowens rickowens is offline
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Fashion color expert help needed

I am trying to emulate this vintage look/feel.
I've tried different tutorials, actions, but none have worked for me. I've broken down to parts that I see happening in these photos.

1. first how do you reach this kind of tonality, the overall photo has a low contrast feel, yet still retains color and tonality.
2. colors, the colors seem to work cohesively and still looks natural. When I try to do it, my colors just don't work for some reason and looks unnatural. It feels like they somehow separate all colors into just 2 colors, how is that done.
3. skin tone, how to get that washed out skin tone, without it being super contrasty.
4. light leak effects. (A). I would like to know how to create light leak effect, and also making it look natural. (B). where to put the light leak within the photo. (C).how to pick the color of the light leak to add blurry effect to the foreground, similar to 14th picture down.
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Old 11-23-2011, 04:54 AM
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Re: Fashion color expert help needed

First a disclaimer I am no fashion expert (my wife will attest to that!).

As you are trying to emulate 'a look' it would be very helpful if you would post an example of your starting point and if you can what you have done so far and where you feel you need to improve.

Without seeing your starting point image it is difficult to offer anything other than generalised advice. Remember also that good photographers do not rely solely on post processing, as they should have visualised their images prior to pressing the shutter button and made adjustments to exposure, lighting, filtration etc etc.

You have asked a multi part question with items 1-3 being closely related.

Suggestion: Have you tried to reverse engineer the images by tryng to make them look 'normal'?
Taking the first image on your example page apply a curves layer adjust curves to try and 'normalise' the image - even just use the Auto button. What do you see? I see one area of the image that looks like a pretty close to normal exposure (bottom left) the rest of the image could be a simple painted mask on a curves layer with tone adjusted to taste.

Question 5: Shoot through window or door i.e. model behind the glass and you in front. Adjust tone and contrast if required using curves layer
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Old 02-13-2013, 03:08 AM
WhoIsCeeJay WhoIsCeeJay is offline
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Re: Fashion color expert help needed

I'm not going to pretend to know how those was taken, as I've only been doing this about 8 months now. But here's my analysis

1. What specific photo are you referring too? I understand theres a 'look' to all of them, but the editing is different to each photo.
2. Selective color tool. They all look like the contrast has been pulled down a tad and desaturated, while using selective color adjustments to boost specific colours
3. the highlights are pulled all the way down in most images. I dont recommend this as it obviously loses highlight detail, but defeats the purpose of having cameras and glass that are designed to capture detail. I see a lot of people do it and I dont like it personally, but to each their own I guess.
4. Usually on the opposite third of the subject matter. Again something I don't like, but the above ones just look like they've been pulled from nik tools.
5. Use a higher aperture. These sorts of fashion photos tend to shoot higher apertures than what you're taught to isolate the subject matter further. Think f1.2-5.6 rather than f8-11. Note that the higher the aperture, the more likely it is that the image will be out of focus unless you use a tripod. For that specific image, its definitely out of focus and shot through glass (well, her arm is in focus).

Note that most of that 'retouching' look to me like popular lightroom presets (mainly film, light leaks and bokeh), and was probably achieved that way.
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