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Photo Retouching "Improving" photos, post-production, correction, etc.

Retouching checklist

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Old 11-29-2011, 01:50 PM
BigJeff80 BigJeff80 is offline
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Retouching checklist

Hi all, first of all i want to introduce myself since im a new member of retouch pro.

im jeffrey, 31 years old and im living in the netherlands.
im retouching photo's for almost 4 months now. im doing it as an hobby and maybe someday it wil be my proffesion (excuse me if my english is little bit bad sometimes :P) i find it harder to write then to talk since english is not my mother language..

ok now lets come to the point i hear you all thinking..

i have purchased this great book from in my opinion a great author named Scott Kelby..

think that the most of you will now which book I mean.
Professional.Portrait.Retouching.Techniques.for.Photographers.Using.Photoshop By Scott Kelby

now i have this question and i really hope someone can give a good answer.
In his book he has a retouching checklist so you can determine what can and must be retouched ..( i know that i dont have to do everything on the list ) but its just to determine.

Now I would like to determine in which order is best to follow the checklist?
Scott's sequence in the book or is there a better way to follow?

because Kelby starts with the eyes and I've learned to start with the blemishes and to end with the skin softening and the eyes at the end of my retouching.

i will put down the sequence from Kelby down below, and i will really appreciate if one or more people here wil make a nice list for me to follow through.
just put down the number in a good sequence.. thx in andvance


1. Are there red veins in the eyes?
2. Whites of the eyes should be white, but not overly white.
3. Is there good contrast in the eyes?
4. Do you see catch lights in the eyes?
5. Do the irises need brightening?
6. Does the color of the irises need to be changed or enhanced?
7. Darken the circle around the iris.
8. Sharpen the eyes.
9. Are both eyes symmetrical?
10. Do the eyes need to be larger?
11. Are both eyelids open enough?
12. Check eyelashes (top & bottom).
13. Are the eyebrows dark enough?
14. Do the eyebrows need filling in?
15. Trim any extra eyebrow hairs away.
16. Check the shape of the eyebrows.
17. Are the eyebrows symmetrical?
18. Does the nose need to be smaller?
19. Do the cheeks need to be tucked in?
20. Check the size of the ears.


21. Remove any blemishes.
22. Remove or reduce moles or individual freckles.
23. Remove or reduce wrinkles.
24. Remove dark circles under eyes.
25. Remove or reduce smile lines.
26. Reduce any hot spots.
27. Is the skin tone consistent?
28. Does the skin color of the face match the rest of the body?
29. Repair blotchy skin.
30. Does the skin need smoothing?
31. Does the skin need additional makeup applied?
32. Add dodging and burning to sculpt the face.
33. Are the hands, elbows, knees, or feet too red?
34. Remove veins in the arms, wrists, hands, and feet.
35. Sharpen the portrait.


36. Fix pointed teeth or gaps.
37. Remove any yellowing on teeth.
38. Brighten teeth.
39. Enhance the size of the lips.
40. Enhance lip color.
41. Brighten up highlights.
42. Clean up lips (spillover, lip liner, smudges, etc.).


43. Remove stray hairs.
44. Remove strands that cross other hairs.
45. Remove strands that appear over skin.
46. Remove strands that cross over eyes and eyebrows.
47. Fill any gaps in hair.
48. Add highlights to hair.
49. Change hair color.
50. Darken part line.
51. Fix roots.


52. Reduce any double chin or jowls.
53. Does the subject need slimming?
54. Reduce love handles.
55. Trim arms or legs, if necessary.
56. Do the legs need lengthening?
57. Do the arms and legs appear symmetrical?
58. Are there any distracting armpit wrinkles or any pit fat that needs reducing?
59. Enhance the abs, if visible.
60. Smooth and straighten clothing.
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Old 11-29-2011, 04:28 PM
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Re: Retouching checklist

Welcome Biggie :-) now you are lucky, just today I found this very useful info on my FB newsfeed:

I am not a fan of Kelby's retouching receipe, because it depends on each and every image and customer. Not every modell is flattered to have their face- and body features modified, a redhead should have freckles (mostly) so removing them should not be your goal if you want to keep the natural feel of the pic. Anyhow you've come to a great place and friendly and helpful people will give you more professional advice as I am just a hobbyist :-)
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Old 11-29-2011, 10:44 PM
BigJeff80 BigJeff80 is offline
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Re: Retouching checklist

thx for youre reaction, i will check out youre link later today.. thats treu a redhead needs to have the freckles or it wil not be a redhead anymore but its just as an indication for me.. not going to do everything on that list because then i have a big problem and im thinking not only me hahaha
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Old 12-01-2011, 11:17 AM
ME_wwwing ME_wwwing is offline
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Re: Retouching checklist

go through these videos
the most complete group of videos you will find.
not the way every one does it. but
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