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ShogunSho 11-11-2009 09:04 PM

Another rebroadcast of already rebroadcast?
I would like to know with regards to every LIVE presentation that has already been rebroadcast.

Will there be yet another rebroadcast of any LIVE that infact has already been rebroadcast once already? (hope my question does not confused anyone)

I mean normally the newest LIVE take place on Saturday. Then about a week or later, there will be a rebroadcast of that same presentation taking place on Wednesday for those who missed the LIVE on Saturday.

Somehow, I'm just wondering if for example someone missed the actual LIVE Show on Saturday, then there's a rebroadcast again on Wednesday. However, the person again missed the rebroadcast on Wednesday, will there yet be another rebroadcast???

I suggest there should be like LIVE (Saturday which was already a perfect day except the time..),
Rebroadcast 1 (which is usually on Wednesday)

Rebroadcast 2 (I suggest on a time period that is like 6-8 hours different from the one on Wednesday)

Doug Nelson 11-11-2009 09:53 PM

Re: Another rebroadcast of already rebroadcast?
Eventually they'll all be rebroadcast several times. We just did our first re-rebroadcast a week or so ago. As I build a backstock I might add another day or do 2 on one day 8 hours apart. Still early days.

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