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Doug Nelson 04-11-2011 06:40 AM

RP LIVE "CMYK for Retouchers" (rebroadcast)
On our next RetouchPRO LIVE rebroadcast, color guru Andrew Rodney demonstrates and explains working with CMYK with a special emphasis on the needs of retouchers and photographers. Andrew's slides and notes will be downloadable after the show.

From Andrew:
"CMYK has been called the Devils colorspace. After all, God created RGB and man created CMYK, which would you rather use? For many, the options are not clear cut. Do we and should we send CMYK to our clients? What are the potential pitfalls? In this seminar, I'll cover what are best practices for making the best possible CMYK conversions and discuss what to do when you simply can't follow these procedures.

This event will be another color geek fest but this one might save your bacon if you have clients expecting you to deal with CMYK reproduction!"

Wednesday, April 13, 6am or 2pm CDT (see link below for other time zones)

Click the following link for details and ticket sales:

If you're inside the US you can rent this show right now:

Rentals cost a little more than the rebroadcast, but add pause, rewind, and viewing as many times as you like over the 3-day rental period.

Doug Nelson 04-12-2011 08:15 PM

Re: RP LIVE "CMYK for Retouchers" (rebroadcast)
Some areas covered will be:
  • What's a contract proof, what to aim for in conversions, why you wouldn't necessarily profile the press.
  • Black generation, TAC and CMYK target values. Learn the lingo, communicate with the printing house.
  • What really is SWOP, GRACOL and other standard print conditions. Can they be the solution?
  • When and when not to send RGB to the printer and why photographers might do their own Seps.
  • Using a desktop printer (Epson) to make loose color proofs for a CMYK process.
  • Using the the "Custom Proof Setup" dialog to preview CMYK press output
  • Absolute versus Relative versus Perceptual rendering intents, when to use what
  • better "proofs" from inkjet printers/using the print options box
  • "how do I convert and prepare CMYK files for clients when they have virtually no specific press information"

Doug Nelson 04-13-2011 03:44 AM

Re: RP LIVE "CMYK for Retouchers" (rebroadcast)
I suspect my attempt at clarity actually confused everyone. It's really "CMYK for RGB Users", not necessarily just retouchers.

Doug Nelson 04-13-2011 04:42 AM

Re: RP LIVE "CMYK for Retouchers" (rebroadcast)
The ticket sales link for the AM show will close in the next few minutes. However, you still have a few hours to sign up for the PM show.

If you haven't received your confirmation email, check your spam folder. You'll want to make sure both and are whitelisted (listed as "trusted" or "friendly" or "always allowed") in your spam filter.

If it's not there, check the inbox for the email account you use for PayPal.

If you can't connect, verify you have Java installed and active. You should also try another browser.

Tollfree 24/7 tech support phone numbers can be found here (make sure you specify gotowebinar in the dropdown options).

Doug Nelson 04-13-2011 12:50 PM

Re: RP LIVE "CMYK for Retouchers" (rebroadcast)
The ticket sales link is now closed.
This show is available for rental.

All times are GMT -6. The time now is 08:44 PM.

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