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Doug Nelson 10-20-2011 03:44 AM

RetouchPRO LIVE "Movie Monsters" with Ian Goode
Lately, I get more requests for shows featuring compositing than any other topic. Here's a show sure to satisfy all those requests.

Just in time for Halloween, master compositor Ian Goode will recreate this real-life job assignment he received just weeks ago. Watch Ian's screen live as he works, and ask your questions about what he's doing or compositing in general.

From Ian:
"This will be a composite and effects show, showing how to bring elements together that are shot in similar ways and then how to apply effects to give it professional and high-end-look touches. We might even play around a bit and push it further than the final image (click link below), depending on audience feedback."

After Ian is finished with his presentation, he will answer more general questions on a time available basis.

Saturday, October 22, 4pm CDT (see link below for other time zones)

Click the following link for details and ticket sales:

Doug Nelson 10-22-2011 01:57 PM

Re: RetouchPRO LIVE "Movie Monsters" with Ian Good
The ticket sales link will close in a few minutes.

If you haven't received your confirmation email, check your spam folder. You'll want to make sure both and are whitelisted (listed as "trusted" or "friendly" or "always allowed") in your spam filter.

If it's not there, check the inbox for the email account you use for PayPal.

If you can't connect, verify you have Java installed and active. You should also try another browser.

Tollfree 24/7 tech support phone numbers can be found here (make sure you specify gotowebinar in the dropdown options).

JVEyck309 10-23-2011 12:01 AM

Re: RetouchPRO LIVE "Movie Monsters" with Ian Good
Hey hey RPL and whoever,
Good show tonight, glad I attended!
Some thoughts and notes I jotted down...
Firstly, I've never heard of "non linear history" so I did a google search and located it in my history palette menu options.Started playing around with it and can't believe it.. So this allows you to remove one step you made previously in your history without affecting the steps made afterward?
This seems too good to be true. All this time this feature had gone completely unnoticed by me. How many millions of times do you wish you hadn't done one step while working and decided to step back in the history and redo it all?!!? Whether a lot or a little, it's an obvious time saver, right!? Are there any caveats to this menu option? It just seems too good to be true.. it seems like something I should have learned early on.. or would have come across by now. Am I alone on this? Did you all know about this already? haha.. I've been an obsessive student of photoshop for a while now and am sort of irked I've never seen this option.
Are there any cons to it? or in other words, why would you ever want it unchecked in your options?

The other option I find amazing and hard to believe I didn't have it set is to save a snapshot of your progress in the history panel everytime you save your file.. That's amazing.. For every photo I work on I tend to make 3-4 separate files because I think I may not like a direction I'm going in and would want to go back to a previous state... or I save several stages of the file so I can see how I progressed and understand what worked and didn't work.. Whichever.. with this option I can just have one file and have a "previous state" snapshot to revert to??? Am I understanding this right, I just discovered this option tonight on the live show. So I plan on exploring it tomorrow. But really? Have I been missing out on these super handy menu options this WHOLE time?!!?

Doug Nelson 10-23-2011 02:43 AM

Re: RetouchPRO LIVE "Movie Monsters" with Ian Good
This show is now available for rental.

iangoode 10-24-2011 11:31 AM

Re: RetouchPRO LIVE "Movie Monsters" with Ian Good
Hey Deit39,
Thanks for attending the show. I'm really glad you got something out it. Sorry I didn't spend more time going over something like the history palette. I never know how description I should give to what I'm doing. I think I alway have in the back of my mind "don't tell them things they already know."

Anyway, History palette stuff—the non-linear history option has definitely been my secret savor a number of times. I personally haven't found a downside to the choice. They only reason I figure as to why it's not a default, is that it takes some getting used to. Granted, the learning curve is about 5 minutes, but it's much less intuitive then a straight line.

The snapshots when saving is another huge one for me. I don't remember when I started doing that, but I can't imagine not using it. I typically work on one file all day, and I save a ton. I like to know where I was at 10 am vs 3 pm without opening another file. Its nice to click back and forth between the time stamps and react to how things have progressed.

I want to address your 3-4 separate files things. I wonder why you don't just make options in your file? You could just make a group and called it "option 1". When you want to take a different direction, create a new group, call it "option 2" and try a different route. I do that all the time if I'm doing a quick comp for idea development. You get the benefit of having things in one place and you can turn on and off different options right there. You might find sometimes that blending different options becomes the best version of your idea.

Thanks again for watching. I'm glad to show you the light that is non-linear history. By they way, almost all palettes have other options that are not turned on by default. Try a few out. Just click that little arrow and open the palette options. You might find something just as exciting as your new history settings.

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