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Doug Nelson 09-01-2015 03:09 AM

RetouchPRO LIVE - Freelance Photoillustration
RetouchPRO LIVE with Steve Caplin
Freelance Photoillustration

It occurred to me that I've done dozens of shows with Steve Caplin, and never once asked him to talk about his day job as a freelance photoillustrator. I suggested it might be useful if he walked us through a typical job. But Steve insisted we could do much better than that: I should actually give him an assignment while you're all watching.

I immediately said this was far too dangerous, and that he risked embarrassment in front of his friends and students. One hour isn't a lot of time to start and finish a photoillustration, even if you're not explaining what you're doing as you work. He dismissed my fears, saying deadline pressure like this was a primary feature of freelance work, and deserved to be shown, warts and all.

So join us Tuesday for RetouchPRO LIVE as I give Steve an assignment for a photoillustration. He has no idea what he'll be working on (even I have no idea at this point), and he will see the photos I'll be giving him to work with for the first time during the show.

Of course he'll be explaining what he's doing as he works, and we'll make an effort to include audience questions and comments in media res. But, as always, Steve will stick around after he's done to address any unanswered questions, and to answer any general photoshop (or freelance photoillustration) questions you may have.

Tuesday Sept. 1, 2015 3pm Central US time
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Doug Nelson 09-02-2015 02:00 PM

Re: RetouchPRO LIVE - Freelance Photoillustration
This show recording is now watchable on Youtube

willockboy 09-03-2015 12:17 PM

Re: RetouchPRO LIVE - Freelance Photoillustration
Is there any opportunity to download Steve's finished PSD file so that we can look at the methodology at leisure?

Doug Nelson 09-03-2015 03:50 PM

Re: RetouchPRO LIVE - Freelance Photoillustration
Sorry, we don't have rights clearance for that.

AsISeeIt 09-04-2015 01:58 PM

Re: RetouchPRO LIVE - Freelance Photoillustration

Can you give the links to the images that Steve used yesterday?

Doug Nelson 09-04-2015 02:55 PM

Re: RetouchPRO LIVE - Freelance Photoillustration
Sorry, non-distribution is part of fair use. However, if you google image search for "alligator wrestling" and "mongolian death worm" and "jimmy carter" you will find them all pretty close to the top. Do NOT search for guinea worm.

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