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Doug Nelson 10-04-2015 06:24 AM

RetouchPRO LIVE - Vanishing Point
RetouchPRO LIVE - Vanishing Point
Guest Artist: Steve Caplin

I've gotten several requests for a show featuring Photoshop's Vanishing Point filter. I could have sworn I already did this show with Steve Caplin, but evidently it was just a mention during some other show. Regardless, it's been a long time, and it deserves a show of its own. Plus it has been improved in the past couple of years.

Join us Tuesday as we watch the screen of photoillustrator Steve Caplin as he shows us how to use Photoshop's Vanishing Point filter. Special emphasis will be placed on the newest improvements.

He'll answer your questions and respond to your comments as he works. He'll also stick around after his presentation to answer any miscellaneous Photoshop questions you may have.

If you want help with a particular image problem, you can upload your image and we'll try to help you with it during the show.

Tuesday Oct. 6, 2015 3pm Central US time
(there's a timezone converter on the registration page)
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Doug Nelson 10-07-2015 08:57 AM

Re: RetouchPRO LIVE - Vanishing Point
This show recording is now up on Youtube

Doug Nelson 10-07-2015 09:21 AM

Re: RetouchPRO LIVE - Vanishing Point
From the Help file about move modes:

Choose one of the following from the Move Mode menu to determine the behavior when you move a selection:
To select the area you move the selection marquee to, choose Destination.

To fill the selection with the image pixels in the area where you drag the Selection tool pointer to (same as Ctrl-dragging or Command-dragging a selection), choose Source.

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