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chris h 03-23-2006 01:43 AM

MP3/iPod Query
I'm off to the middle east for a few weeks in April and have decided to retire the portable CD player and go mp3. Looking at a variety of players obviously the iPod gets a lot of publicity despite a raft of other models on the market. Any iPod users on here, any comments as regards reliability or other observations.


chrishoggy 03-23-2006 01:59 AM

I hear the creative labs players are very reliable and user friendly ( ). Ipods are OK, but I have read some quite bad reviews on reliability :cold:

What ever you do, don't get any of the Packard Bell/NEC range or AKA Spirit MP3 (if they sell them where you are). They are full of firmware bugs/glitches and build quality isn't up to much. :cold:

chris h 03-23-2006 02:14 AM

Thanks for the quick response I could look at dedicated sites but if theyve bought em they are probably biased towards them anyway! The Rio Carbon has good reports although many I know of were bought just for their internal microdrive(Seagate) which will work in a digital camera.

studioj 03-23-2006 08:21 AM

Ipod rules!, you can share a lot of things with an Ipod

I have one, I love it!, I'll buy the computer, but never the Ipod.

Well, also, if you don't want to spend a lot of money, any mp3 player will work just fine for a few weaks ;)

chris h 03-23-2006 10:13 AM

Does your iPod have a standard socket (3mm) so you can use any headphones or is it some special size?

NancyJ 03-23-2006 11:56 AM

iPods are not worth the money unless you intend to go in for the whole iTunes deal, podcasts etc.
My mate at work had endless trouble with an iPod shuffle he got as a christmas present. It was really slow transfering files and it had horrendeous stability issues. He got another one and it was the same story. He ended up sending it back and buying a little creative one at less than half the price.
IMO if you're going to spend that amount of money you'd be better off with a PSP. You can game on it, surf on it, watch movies, play music and have multiple memory cards with music and stuff on it. You can also geta solar powered charger for it - which is handy for travelling - everywhere has sun ;) (OK baring whichever pole gets night of months at a time )

studioj 03-23-2006 12:02 PM

Well, I have a Ipod Video, and if you use it on Mac, it's great, It's don't take long to copy all to the Ipod and the stability it's great, but if NancyJ said that her mate had troubles, trust her.

Yes, any headphones can be used.

:D Mexican asking: What's "IMO"?

Doug Nelson 03-23-2006 12:10 PM

I went through this exact same thing and decided to go the Creative route (mostly due to the non-replaceable ipod batteries).

chrishoggy 03-23-2006 12:52 PM

Many of the people I've helped out with Packard Bell MP3 player problems (they number in their 1000's), have traded them in and gone to creative products.
Another alternative that I use is...... .........wait for it................ ALBA

Now don't laugh, as they are bottom of the range 128MB 19.99 players. BUT the player has an SD expansion slot that will take 1 GB SD cards. It's never failed me, or my son who has the same one. It's not something somebody would rob you for. And if you loose it, it only costs 19.99 to replace. You can have collections of music on different cards, and swap them as your mood changes :) Also they are ideal for in your car (if your stereo has an audio input), as nobody will brake in to your car for a cheap MP3 player :dizzy: Good on battery life and only takes 1 AAA battery :aghast:

RL Design 03-23-2006 01:09 PM

I recently bought an iPod shuffle and I love it!

It takes regular headphones, does not skip, hold a ton of songs (got the 1 GB version), and plays perfecly clear and for a long time.

I did extensive research before buying and the iPods seemed to always come out on top.

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