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Old 01-02-2003, 05:42 PM
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jeaniesa jeaniesa is offline
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Do you see any sort of "progress bar" at the bottom of the IE browser window indicating that it's trying to connect?

(This is really strange...)

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Old 01-02-2003, 06:16 PM
stevic stevic is offline
Join Date: Jun 2002
Posts: 43

Well I just downloaded IE 6.1 and still nothing. With the 5.5 version there was no activity on the status bar with 6.1 the status bar started to move but then just stalled. (I waited for ten minutes) I guess I'll try and call Netgear tomorrow, I still haven't received a responce from them on my e-mail. The last time I called them with a question the person could barely speak english which I'm sure was as frustrating to him as it was to me. On a side note, before the wireless router problem I was using Zone Alarm as a firewall. With the add blocking feature enabled on Zone Alarm our pop up menus to the left of the screen here at Retouch would go bonkers.


P.S. I sure am glad we are a multiple computer household. I wouldn't be able to do this without it. 8-)
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Old 01-02-2003, 08:41 PM
stevic stevic is offline
Join Date: Jun 2002
Posts: 43

Well my wife finally came home with the notebook and I wanted to try it as soon as possible, lo and behold the notebook connected up right away, OK I'll go to the big computer and try, nope nothing. This is so strange.

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Old 01-03-2003, 12:11 AM
d_kendal's Avatar
d_kendal d_kendal is offline
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Hmm, that's a very strange problem. you mentioned you were using Zone Alarm, are you using any firewall now? and if I'm assuming you've tried connecting with both the firewall activated and off? I used to use Zone alarm, but when I upgraded it, I couldn't connect to anything, so I switched to the Sygate firewall and I haven't had those problems since. I was just reading through this quickly, if I understand correctly your wife's computer is the one connected to the modem and you're connected through the router? have you checked the router setting for a port that's being blocked? I've never heard of a problem like this where it's only one site that you can't access. One other idea I had is that it might be a problem specific to Internet explorer no matter what version, so you could try using another browser like Netscape or Opera.

- David
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Old 01-03-2003, 06:37 AM
LactoBeeZor's Avatar
LactoBeeZor LactoBeeZor is offline
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I agree with David. It sounds like a firewall problem. Try it with the firewall off. I have noticed with cookies and/or "Enablers" turned off the firewall blocks some sites completely. I use the firewall "Outpost" and a built in NAT in the Linksys router.

Keep us posted.
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Old 01-03-2003, 08:18 AM
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clare clare is offline
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My 2 cents worth....A strange problem...

Are there any other sites like retouchpro that are causing the same errors to occur. It could be that the set up in internet options are wrong - One way to check this would be to open the options in both computers and check everything is the same on both computers. It might be a cookies thing or something simlar.

I use Zone alarm on a 3 computer network and have no problems accessing retouch pro on any of the computers. It has taken me ages to work my way through the settings to get all of the computers to see each other and be able to conect to the internet. I would try turning it off and see if it clears the problem if so you know where it is coming from. (turn it off on all of the computers - you don't know which one might be blocking the internet connection)

I haven't used win2k for a long time - check that your network settings are set up correctly. simple things like a different network name can cause chaos with networks --- just a thought!

Does your wife access a network with the lap top other than your home network i.e. one at her works office? If so does the computer access retouch pro okay through that network?

Hope this helps....

P.S can you clarify which computer is connected to the modem? and whether the second computer can access any of the internet?
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Old 01-03-2003, 11:38 AM
stevic stevic is offline
Join Date: Jun 2002
Posts: 43

This mornings update: I start up the main computer (the one that I'm having the problem with), open my e-mail and see that there is a responce to this thread, I click on the link and bingo I go directly to this forum. Well thats a start, I next try all the picks on the pop-up menu each one connects but when I try the "Home" pick on the menu...... nothing! The thing just hangs. I bookmarked/favorite the forums page and at least now I can get my daily fix of RetouchPro by going through the back door.

I unistalled Zone Alarm before I connected the router and I currently have no firewall protection installed/running. Before I had the router and Zone Alarm was installed I had no problems connecting to Retouch.

My comp. 2.0Ghz P4, win 2000, hardwired to the router, desktop
Wife comp. 1.5Ghz celeron, win xp, wireless PCMCIA to the router, notebook
Daught comp 1.5Ghz P4, win 98, 56K dial-up stand alone (not part of the network), desktop
router: NetGear MR814 wireless
wireless pc card on notebook: NetGear MA 401

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Old 01-03-2003, 12:46 PM
pjb's Avatar
pjb pjb is offline
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Location: Casselberry, Florida
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I have road runner cable connetction for the internet. One day it went down and after uninstalling zone alarm haven't had any more problem. It was something to do with the firewall with zone alarm and it wouldn't let me connect.
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Old 01-05-2003, 04:33 PM
Paul Rupp's Avatar
Paul Rupp Paul Rupp is offline
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Just north of Dallas Texas
Posts: 78

Check your IE security setting on your wifes laptop and set yours the same way. Are you running any different software on your PC then on the laptop?

I use a wired router for my home network, 3 desktops and a laptop, no problems at all. No Zone alarm or any other software, just the built in firewall on the router. I have run several port snooping software versions on my system, and none of them even see my PC's behind the firewall.

If all else fales, reset your IE settings ot default, try that, then if it still doesn't work, turn off your PC, reset the router, reboot both and try again.


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Old 01-05-2003, 05:13 PM
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Craig, Paul is right. The problem is one of the browser settings, probably the security. I had this happen to my PC last year. Try going to the internet options in the browser and reset everything to default and you may have to try to set the security to LOW to get the desired effect. If none of this works try to see if you can completely uninstall the browser and then re-install it. Windows will resist this but try and make it do it anyway. Your upgrade to IE 6.x didn't help because the upgrade retains most of the settings of the previous version. After you resolve the problem you can tighten up the security if needed.

I am running a Linux server as my firewall/router and I had the same problem you describe. I have tried Zonealarm in the past and wasn't able to keep it working for more than a month or two before having to uninstall it due to problems like this.
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