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incident while trying to print pics at store

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Old 04-26-2004, 03:44 PM
westsidemaurice westsidemaurice is offline
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What do you want to accomplish?

If you want customers who will spend bigger dollars you may not please them with photos that look traditionally photographic...or like what they get themselves, after their vacations, from photolabs.

Customer preference is going to evolve toward various art papers ...
they won't pay the big $$ for photos that look plastic or shiny or Walmart-ish...IMHO of course
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Old 07-19-2004, 04:23 PM
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Digital Photo printing

Hi all,

I have read most of the threads here and i'm going to throw my two cents in as well. I have been in the professional photographic proccessing industry now for over 9 years (I just posted a bunch of stuff on the Introductions forum) and I have had the opprotunity to work with tons of professional printing and scanning equipment since 1994. A Fuji Frontier printer is a good machine and our lab has this piece of equipment and it does a very good job (we use it to produce 400-500,000 greeting cards per season) we also have in house a lightjet 5000 (one of the first laser exposing printers) 2 kodak Led machines, a mileca (kind of a dinosaur and not in use) and we have 2 of kodaks answer to the frontier the RP30. I have also worked with Lambdas, Large format Inkjets and film recorders. But with all that stuff said, I wanted to say that I am actually surprised that Wal-mart gave you so much hassle about printing those pictures, it has been my expierience that most professional portrait photographers are in a constant battle to keep these kiosk and 1-hour photo labs from copying their work. My father is a photographer and has actually had several large chains call him and tell him that they had "impounded" his images that were clearly copyrighted on the back and front. This is not usually the case with most of these places, hopefully that is changing but in an effort to be offensive a lot of photographers are going with what are called "proof-books" or digitally encrypted CD's or creating slideshows for proofing that customers can take home without fear of copys.

With printing I would agree that I have had to retrain several of my techs to understand how to use the machines but in my case it was actually getting them past the idea of working on a computer (most of our employees are brought up in traditional darkroom printing) Or getting my traditionally trained color qc people to understand ICC profiling, color crossovers, when to stop an image for moire patterning etc.... I would have to say though that I have never seen a inkjet or any other type of process that beats the pro-laser printers and if you happen to have a pro-lab in your area the chances of getting good (if not great) results are much better. Not to mention the archival quality of true photographic paper.... If printing your own work is your thing... then great. I'm just saying that (at least at my lab) when we look at images we have numerous tools at our disposal that the average joe cannot afford, we do this all day every day and our techs, qc people all are trained to do their jobs very well, we also have direct access to Kodak/Fuji when we run into problems (I have print sorters that stop orders for color issues! PRINT SORTERS..... they just sort them!) I guess what i'm trying to say is this. Everybody in our facility has a say in the quality that goes out.... does everyone have the FINAL say? No, but if someone feels something isn't right then nobody here wants that print to go out without a second look at least.

I guess maybe i'm just lucky to have all these toys at my disposal 24-7! and ohhhh do I use them.... LOL

Oh and p.s. this isn't a commercial for pro-labs.... I just felt the need to express the commitment to the output quality that I myself am used to. I have never set foot in Wal-Mart for a print and I don't intend too.

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Old 07-19-2004, 04:26 PM
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oops forgot

Oh and to Vikki, you can have complete control with a lab. Most are ICC compliant and if you are truely calibrated and willing to work in a specific color space (or at least convert to it for printing) a lot of labs offer super fast turn around times with no color correction. The only risk is you not being calibrated.

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Old 07-19-2004, 04:37 PM
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Hi Bill,

If you yell real loud I might be able to hear you. I'm from Cal Township! For those of you who have no idea about the lab Bill works at, I can tell you that particular lab has been putting out top notch quality for many years! I'm pretty sure that's what prompted his post. In the past, I've used other pro labs as well. It hasn't always been top quality coming out of them, with the exception of Burrell's (that's where Bill works). By the way Bill, does Dave Marciniak still work there? He taught me a lot about photography.

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Old 07-19-2004, 04:50 PM
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To Ed

Hi Ed,

Nice to hear from someone local, unfortunatly with the buyout that has happened in the last year a lot of cuts were made. Including Dave Marciniak, he was and is a friend of mine and we all sorely miss him. But on another note: I'll just introduce myself real quick, my name's Bill Timmer and I am the Production Systems Administrator for Burrell Professional's network of labs. (like i said I posted in introductions) and might I add, I am very happy to find a forum like this and I hope I can find many new friends here as well as show off some of my abilities! I love talking with other people in our industry and I can't read fast enough!!!! LOL!!!!
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