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DJ's ole homestead in So Flo

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Old 10-23-2001, 06:31 AM
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Nice photos, Dj! How do the Huskys' get along in the heat? Swimming pool looks like lots of fun. Tom
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Old 10-23-2001, 06:40 AM
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Dj I thought maybe my eyes were really going on me..I read and re-read and re-re-read your initial post to find the hidden picture...but it just wasn't there.

Now I've got it all figured goes....I'm going to spend spring in Texas, summer at Thomas' in Montana, fall at Ed's in Chicago (that way I can catch those beautiful colors) and guess where I'm wintering....AT DJ'S...LOL.

That sounds like a well worked out plan to me.

DJ really that porch and patio are great...I wish we had a covered porch and/or patio...and with all the trees around here there isn't a one by the house...just don't know how I missed that in the planning but I did.

I also have a love for animals....and it's tough around here cause I want to pet and see all the wild ones as well..course they just run and hide when anyone comes near.
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Old 10-23-2001, 09:44 AM
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Thanks guys. I was really getting frustrated up loading it after all the trouble I had searching for photos of my house. Lots inside but not many outside. Then I found out my thread went through but not the picture. It must have went through twice because I did delete it before anyone saw it but evidently one sneaked through and Ed pounced on it. Then I had no choice but to give it another try. So thank Ed because I was to P-Oed to try again.

Kathleen_ I don't think the building is back in use yet but I haven't ventured there lately so I can't say for sure. Dave has been working at the University on a project for work so he doesn't even go by there anymore.
As for how long I've lived in this house, it's was built in 89 and the house we lived in before that was 1/4 mile away and is now a rental property for us. No I don't swim in the winter because I can't take the temperature below 82 degrees. I grew up swimming in 65 degree water but since I'm here so long things have changed in the temperatures I can tolerate. Also pools are less work then you think. We have the water sampled regularly and keep the right chemicals in it and use a creepy crawley to keep it vaccuumed. It stays pretty clean.

Tom_ Huskies do very well here. It's a question I always get asked because they are known for their adaptability to severe cold. That coat doesn't get quite as thick down here but it is still substantial and just as it protects them from the cold it also acts as a barrier from the heat also. Some people shave their southern huskies and that is actually taking away their insulation since dogs don't regulate heat by sweating as we do.

Chris_ Sounds like a good plan to me. When I moved to Florida I was impressed with all the plants that would grow outside here so I planted like crazy. Never do that again. Boy do things grow here!!! I do love the trees by the house because they actually aid in keeping AC costs down by shading the house. As for wild animals, we get alot. Had a possum in the garage once. Had to chase him out with a cloth wrapped moth balls. Then raccoons, armadillos and even a panther on one rare occaison. Also the occaisional snake or two. I don't mind the wild life and I usually find a gentle way of making them leave the house area but I love watching them from a distance.
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