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rberg605 07-02-2008 11:34 PM

Paint Shop Pro X2
I just downloaded a trial version of the program and noticed that it runs slower than what I am accustomed to with Photoshop.

When I had version 10 of Paint Shop Pro it was an out and out resource hog because it demanded 100% of my resources all the time. It was quickly removed from my computer.

Has anyone else noticed that Paint Shop Pro runs slowly? If so - is there a fix or workaround.

Thanks ...


Craig Walters 07-02-2008 11:50 PM

Re: Paint Shop Pro X2
the only time i find psp running slowly is when it starts up for the first time since my computer has been rebooted or booted up. that first time i believe it is loading various cache files and other extras that are then resident in ram. so, if you kill psp but dont reboot, all that stuff is still there and psp will load quite quickly the next time you load it up.

however, there's almost always going to be an exception, but, that's what i've generally noticed. it also depends on how many hundreds of photos you've got in the various albums that psp references and how many textures in your texture folders, tubes, patches, and all the other goodies one can add to psp. so, it may well vary person to person.

it also depends how much extra junk you're running in windows, like 'themes'. i always turn that extraneous stuff off (see ).

and as for other resources, my cpu usage generally stays very low while using psp. and my page file, while it does grow, is generally fairly low compared to what i have left to use. so, i dont really find psp that much of a hog. i tend to have windows explorer, internet explorer, psp xi and filter forge all open at the same time when i'm working and i dont really lag much except when i start to really load up the layers or file sizes i'm working on. but on normal image sizes for the web (600 to 1024), i dont really have a problem.

my biggest complaint with psp is that it tends to crash more than photoshop. but, it does have a very good recovery system when you leave the autosave feature on and set it fairly low. so, if something does crash, i can usually recover my work and only lose a few minute's worth of work.

rberg605 07-03-2008 12:00 AM

Re: Paint Shop Pro X2
Perhaps that is it - I just loaded it and it seem sluggish.

I had to reboot a couple of times but not because of PSP - my puppy got tangled in my keyboard cable and unplugged me!

Thanks for the quick reply ...


Craig Walters 07-03-2008 09:03 PM

Re: Paint Shop Pro X2
you're welcome.

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