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Craig Walters 10-14-2008 07:25 PM

Filter Forge for Mac!
it's almost here, folks! yep, Filter Forge for the Mac! it's been over two years since FF launched the pc version and we pc FF freaks have done everything we could to prevent the mac development, since we've been dying for the version 2.xx FF. but, we just couldnt talk the developers into putting the mac version aside, so, here's the site and i hope you choke on it :D ;) : .

ok, it's not actually out yet, but you can pre-order and you probably can sign up for beta testing, if you wish. i highly suggest signing up for the beta if you're on a budget. nothing like getting a $300 program for free that you helped make better by suggesting improvements and finding bugs.

and for those that dont know what filter forge is, think filter meister, genetica 3, and filter factory all combined into one, hopped up on speed, and simplified so that even I can use it to make filters! and, just to wet your appetite a bit more, there are already over 5400 filters in the library, all free to owners of FF!

and, if you havent guessed by now, yes, i like this program :)

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