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Doug Nelson 02-08-2012 08:33 PM

Site Update 02/08/12
I'm pleased to announce a new type of video program from RetouchPRO. It's called "RetouchPRO Concentrate" and each video will have a single presenter concentrating on a single topic. These videos will be shorter than the RetouchPRO LIVE shows, but more densely-packed with information, and also considerably less expensive ($3 for a 3-day rental).

As with RetouchPRO LIVE, the emphasis will be on showing high-end techniques suitable for commercial work. However, these shows will not share RP LIVE's chatty, informal feel and audience participation. RetouchPRO Concentrate will be a concentrated infodump that will have you frequently pausing and rewinding.

Our premier offering is "Andrew Rodney Concentrates on Display Calibration". It is a very deep dive into every aspect of precision calibration for your monitor, a must for professional-level work. It's a 45-minute show that covers the following:
  • What is display calibration and why you have to calibrate and profile a display
  • Calibration targets (what to set and why) and why the numbers don't necessarily matter
  • A look at two display calibration products
  • Soft proofing and rendering intents
  • Tips for effective screen to print matching
Depending on response I have plans for many more shows, both from Andrew and from other presenters. Obviously at this price point we need a much higher volume to justify our presenters' time. So if you'd like to see more of RetouchPRO Concentrate, show your support by renting this first show. If you like it, please recommend it to others. (scroll down to Andrew Rodney's Shows)

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