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Old 11-22-2002, 05:21 AM
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This idea is becoming a lot more refined. Again I am not that good on the pricing although I have found a interesting conversion site if any one is interested.

One other quick thing to consider - if you have not already done so. Is to do a quick typing course on your computer. Something like Mavis Beacon's teaches typing. I got that one free on the front of a magazine! This could cut in two the time that it takes you to input any of the data that the families would like added to there finished site. And could make a considerable difference to getting the finished article back with the family early or late.

If you have a seperate computer - you could be typing the data in while your scanner is doing the scans, etc. ( This will not improve your spelling - I know mine is dreadful!!

Make sure you spell check everything, and it might be worth your while to insist that when people write any names they want included, that they write them in Capital letters. This will insure the family doesn't hold back completion by finding out how uncle john has spelt the name of his auntie!

You could also save on envelops by giving them a multi pocketed file to put all there images in. You can get them with 25 pockets - which would be a quick way for you to find out how many images they have given you ( How many complete folios are there?)
This would also insure that the family give you information about each of the photographs. They can also use this for grouping there photos. If you numbered the tags on the top of each pocket in the file - they could produce a list of grouped photos.

If they produce the text in a typed format ask them to number the images on a seperate piece of paper and put it in with the image and name the files with corresponding numbers on the disk they give you.

Hope this is helpful - more ideas turned up while I was typing so I hope it is ledgeable

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Old 11-24-2002, 09:09 AM
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These are all excellent ideas. This is a service I've been pushing for the past couple of months due to the hurricane season; I of course, then change tactics and push it to protect holiday season memories/share them with relatives (okay, I'm an opportunist, sorry)

Nothing makes great business like natural disasters.

The question I have is when I archive photos for people, I generally do it at a res of 600. is this overkill, what would be the BEST/effecient resolution for a CD? I know this has been discussed several times, but I think alot of the newer members would like additional information on this part.


Written on blackboard at work:

"Happy thanksgiving, turkey's!"
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Old 11-24-2002, 02:38 PM
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I have also been wondering what is appropriate.

What image size at 600 dpi?

The understanding I have is that the dpi / image size does not really matter, it is the combination of the two that determins the file size, which reflects the amount of image information. In the graphics industry they call hi-res 300dpi, at the size the image will be used, at about 8x10 it gives you an un-compressed fle of about 20 megabytes. I have tended to do everything that is hi-res at 30 megabytes, just to be safe in case it was to go larger.

Any other standards in this industry we can use as a guide line.

Also, should everything be saved on the CD in a JPEG quality of 10 (or a diffeerent quality setting), or in a Tiff format, or ?

Thanks, Roger
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Old 11-24-2002, 03:56 PM
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Hi Guys. I have been brainstorming myself on this idea for a while. I have looked at FlipAlbum and was bowled over at the presentation of the program. The idea of a true digital album can be obtained with this software. It does cost $150.00 for the professional version that allows you to create standalone CD albums.

I have been using a program called FotoAlbum from for more than a year to do my own digital albums to distribute to my family. This program is free and does a good job but it doesn't come close to FlipAlbum. The Fototime site also has facilities for online display and printing services as well.

I understand the inherit problems with CD distribution to the general public. So I guess the web display as well as the legacy physical photo album would also have to be considered.

I have enjoyed reading your ideas and hope for some more to help me decide on how best to format this business.
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Old 11-26-2002, 06:53 AM
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Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: England
Posts: 322
Image size is an interesting question.
Maybe ask the client what the maximum size is that they would ever what to print at.
A good A4 image is proberly all the clients will want. Most will not have access to a A3 printer!
But to make sure the image doen't lose out in the next 10 years I would make the quality as high as you can possibly go.

The file format needs to be the one which is going to give
- The best results
- The most universally avaliable (Mac - PC - etc)
- The one that is going to live a long life ( File formats come and go just like floppy disks have been taken over by cd's -etc.)

psd's - not accessable to all
jpg's - compressed
tiffs - not compressed - unsure about how accessable they are?
gifs - compressed

Any sugestions?

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Old 12-06-2002, 10:56 PM
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Smile A viewing solution on the web

I made a webpage on Geocities for artist friends for free that is an image of an art gallery wall. It shows thumbnails and when you click on the thumb it opens a larger window showing the large size image. It's simple, and easy to maintain if you choose to change the images. Their clients, friends, and relatives think it's great and they were very, very happy that it was also free. My suggestion is to go to the site and if you like my design just copy the script and make a version for yourself. It can work very nicely as a template too. By the way, it's a pleasure to be a registered member here!
PS Their page is at
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Old 12-07-2002, 10:21 AM
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Location: Tampa, FL
Posts: 73
Hello Chuck,
Well I don't see any harm in sharing the "empowerment" I've received from others. And, by the way, I may be quite close to being your peer in terms of your "quote."

PS. If Proctor & Gamble can give away free samples of detergent I can give a bit of my skill too!
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