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When customers don't pay

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Old 03-21-2003, 02:42 AM
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Yes, you are right - No they did not sign anything. I have emails communicating their requests but nothing to prove they didn't pay me.

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt - I hate being policed and not trusted myself, so I don't like to treat others that way - However, apparently the world is full of selfish, dishonest people. I worked very closely with much contact with a few of these people and was highly complimented on my work.

Sorry, I am really disgusted.

What exactly can I do to PROVE that someone has/hasn't paid me?
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Old 03-21-2003, 10:30 AM
john_opitz john_opitz is offline
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<<apparently the world is full of selfish, dishonest people. >> Yes, I know. What happen to the days(the old days) when most everything was done with ones' word and a handshake.That's what the oldtimers' would be saying. People knew the rewards for honoring it and the pitfalls if they didn't. I still know some oldtimers that do business that way. With a handshake and their word. Now, today its different. For showing faith in doing business with a liquor store owner where I make my purchases from all year round. At Christmas time, I just get a handshake and a calendar from em'.

<< worked very closely with much contact with a few of these people >>

If you still work close to these people. Don't us terms that "threaten". Use words like "taking action" if anything. I prefer to use the term "lean on ya' ", like those old timers would say.

<<Sorry, I am really disgusted>>

Don't lose faith. It's no good to dwell on it. Blow it off. I know it easy for me to say it. It didn't happen to me. But it has happened in the past to me as well. Even with documents. But the money that was owed. It would not have been worth going through "legal" means for. To prove a point, yes. But,it would have cost me more in other respects, if I had gone through with it. That's something you have to look at also.

<<What exactly can I do to PROVE that someone has/hasn't paid me?>>

The "prove that someone has paid me". This doesn't have to be proved(doesn't matter). You would have received your money for it. And their would be no need for a confrontation.
The " prove that someone hasn't paid me".
Well, like my last post. Documention.

p.s One other thing. Even doing business with friends. Document the stuff. It's not being insulting to them. Its just showing good business practices to them.

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Old 03-21-2003, 11:26 AM
john_opitz john_opitz is offline
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Location: Dallas/Ft.Worth,Texas
Posts: 230
Here, I don't know if this will help you out. It might make you feel better though.

It's about the law, medical and documention.

A lawyer was telling me one day, this story.

Where this man is in the ER. Is brought in as a patient. And their is a lot of things going in the ER. The ER Doctor could not find the man's documention on what has to be done to him. So, the patient says to him, ......this is right before he passes out. "My leg has to be amputated, doctor" . So the doctor goes ahead and amputates the leg. The doctor finds out after he amputates the leg. The documention states it was to be the left leg. Not the right leg. Now, right before he passed out ,the doctor did ask him, its your leg that has to be ampututed,RIGHT! And the patient, did say, "Right, Doctor"!
So the patient is brought back in the ER and the doctor amputates the right leg this time, which is.... The left leg.
Well after this mess, the poor man goes and sees' a lawyer. And he tells this story to the lawyer. The lawyer thought about taking on his case, but then told him ,even under the circumstances, their is no chance of your winning in this case. "WELL!!"The patient said, "How can my case "not hold up "in a court of law!" The lawyer replied: "My poor man, You don't have a leg to stand on!!!!"
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Old 08-09-2003, 03:15 PM
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I guess I am really a weird duck on this site cause I do things so much differently than other people, maybe I'm just not savvy business-wise.

I spent about 20 years in sales and although I don't make any claim to fame over that I do feel I learned something about human nature. In selling, one certainty is the customer needs to feel themselves that they have a need before they buy. In the case of restoration, need is a bit fuzzy, but desire is not fuzzy. Desire will surely become aroused when they see the restored version. Don't think though, that I just place it in their hands because I don't, but, I do let them see it and get the taste for te finished product. This arouses desire for the finished image, how could it not?

In my experience, I don't have much trouble at that point asking for the money. But once again, I am different than most.

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