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RetouchPRO LIVE is a live talk show where we chat with an artist as we watch them at work. The audience helps guide the course of the conversation with their questions and comments. These are not canned presentations or studio-produced tutorials (or really tutorials of any sort). Each show is extemporaneous and candid, and as in-depth as the audience requests it to be.

RetouchPRO Concentrate are videos with a single presenter concentrating on a single topic. These videos are shorter than the RetouchPRO LIVE shows, but more densely-packed with information, and also less expensive. As with RetouchPRO LIVE, the emphasis is on showing high-end techniques suitable for commercial work. However, these shows do not share RP LIVE's chatty, informal feel and audience participation. RetouchPRO Concentrate shows are a concentrated infodump that will have you frequently pausing and rewinding.

These videos are rentable worldwide, and allow you to pause, rewind, and watch as many times as you like over the 3-day rental period.

Mikkel Aaland's shows (2 shows)
Mikkel Aaland is a bestselling author, professional photographer, and workshop instructor. His shows concentrate on Lightroom and getting the most from your raw files. Plus they all feature his beautiful photography.
Chris Alvanas's shows (2 shows)
Chris Alvanas is a photographer, author, and the Director of Photography at Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts in Washington DC. His shows cover the more creative aspects of HDR and black & white images.
Carrie Beene's shows (7 shows)
Carrie Beene Page 1
| Carrie Beene Page 2
Carrie Beene owns and operates her own retouching studio in New York. Therefore her shows offer a wide range from start-to-finish retouches to industry-specific topics and technique shows. She is also an author and teaches at the School of Visual Arts, so her shows have more of a "classroom" feel than many of our other shows. Some even have homework.
Sue Bloom's shows (2 shows)
Sue Bloom is Professor and Chair of the Department of Art and Art History at McDaniel College, and is the author of "Digital Collage and Painting" and "Digital Painting in Photoshop". Her shows cover "photo-art" techniques, with a bit of art history education thrown in.
Steve Caplin's shows (18 shows)
Steve Caplin Page 1 | Steve Caplin Page 2 | Steve Caplin Page 3 | Steve Caplin Page 4
Steve Caplin is a professional photomontage illustrator and the author of the How to Cheat in Photoshop book series. Steve's shows are mostly in-depth looks at basic Photoshop concepts, though he also has several on more advanced techniques essential to compositing. He's also very funny.

Chris Cox's shows (2 shows)
Chris Cox is a Senior Engineer at Adobe responsible for Photoshop. He wrote or optimized many of the Photoshop features you use everyday.
Ctein's shows (2 shows)
Ctein is a professional photo restorer and author. His shows include start-to-finish restorations and restoration techniques.
Glyn Dewis' shows (1 show)
Glyn Dewis shoots all his own images and relies heavily on compositing for his compositions. But compositing is really just the beginning of his process.
Amy Dresser's shows (8 shows)
Amy Dresser Page 1 | Amy Dresser Page 2
Amy Dresser is one of the most in-demand retouchers working today, not just among photographers and publishers but also in the retouching enthusiast community. She's one of the few retouchers with a signature style. Her shows are all start-to-finish retouches.
Gry Garness' shows (3 shows)
Gry is very much in demand as a beauty retoucher for the UK music industry. She's also an experienced Photoshop trainer and author. Most of her shows are start-to-finish beauty retouches, but she also has some technique-based shows.
Ian Goode's shows (2 shows)
Ian Goode is owner and chief retoucher at Gigantic Squid: a creative production studio specializing in retouching and CGI. His shows feature advanced compositing and automotive retouching.
Erik Hattrem's shows (1 show)
Erik Hattrem is a commercial photographer based out of Norway.
Gretchen Hilmer's shows (1 show)
Gretchen Hilmers owns and operates her own retouching studio in Los Angeles.
John Kauth's shows (1 show)
John Kauth worked for decades as an in-house retoucher and is now working freelance. He's also a master stained-glass artist.
Steve Koshlap's shows (4 shows)
Steve is a professional jewelry and luxury goods retoucher. His shows are all start-to-finish jewelry retouches.
Jim Lawson's shows (1 show)
Jim Lawson is a professional jewelry photographer and retoucher. His shows feature start-to-finish jewelry jobs, from initial photography through retouching.
Weston Maggio's shows (1 show)
Weston Maggio is an Application Specialist and evangelist for Wacom. His shows demonstrate how to get the most from our Wacom tablets.
Wayne Palmer's shows (1 show)
Wayne Palmer is a professional photo restorer and author. His shows are all start-to-finish photo restorations.
Rodney Pike's shows (1 show)
Rodney Pike is a humorous illustrator whose celebrity caricatures have appeared in magazines such as FHM and The Village Voice.
Andrew Rodney's shows (12 shows)
Andrew Rodney Page 1 | Andrew Rodney Page 2 | Andrew Rodney Page 3
Andrew Rodney is a color management trainer, the author of Color Management for Photographers, a partner in Pixel Genius, and a NAPP hall of fame member. Andrew's shows each take a deep dive into a different technical area. Many of Andrew's shows have downloadable notes.
Bob Rosinsky's shows (1 show)
Bob Rosinsky is a photo and print restoration expert as well as a studio photographer. His shows tackle more advanced photo restoration problems and creative solutions.
Uwe Steinmueller's shows (2 shows)
Uwe Steinmueller is a photographic fine artist and master printer. His shows are explorations of the possibilities of creative imaging, including HDR and texture explorations.
Chris Tarantino's shows (14 shows)
Chris Tarantino Page 1 | Chris Tarantino Page 2 | Chris Tarantino Page 3
Chris Tarantino is a professional beauty retoucher known for his very natural-looking results. Most of his shows are start-to-finish beauty retouches, but he also has shows where he demonstrates a single technical topic important to his own work.
Scott Valentine's shows (4 shows)
Scott Valentine is a research physicist that unwinds by spending 100s of hours deconstructing how every little bit of Photoshop works. His shows are among the most technical we offer, but he also has an amazing artistic eye.
Piet Van den Eynde's shows (2 shows)
Piet is a travel photographer known for his black and white work.
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