Red X Instead of Image

We've had a big problem with bandwidth theft (people linking to our images on other sites). Since we don't have ads or sponsors, and that can be expensive, I had to take steps to stop it. I implemented a fairly typical security procedure that simply checks to see if you're on or another site when you view an image. If you're on RetouchPRO it lets you see the images, but if you're not, it won't.

Some firewalls strip out the referrer information, so even if you're on RetouchPRO the site has no way of knowing this (since the information is stripped) so it assumes you're not. If you're using a firewall and can't see images, try these solutions:

If you are using Netbarrier:

Go to Privacy >Surf >Information > Hiding, and uncheck the "Last Web site visited" box

From Thomasa Paul:

"In ZoneAlarm Pro I found the magic fix:

Go to Privacy
Click on Site List
Select retouchpro (if it's not there you need to add it)
Now select options (bottom right of window)
Uncheck "Remove Private Header Information
Under ad blocking, uncheck banners and skyscrapers"

From Chris H:

"For anybody using the Norton Firewall and is having display anomalies I solved the problems via:

Options/Internet Security/Advanced Options/*/Privacy/Referer "Enable"
* At this point add to the left hand list."

From Robert Marshall:

"I'm using Norton Personal Firewall 2004.

In NPF2004, the setting locations have been changed compared to prior versions. In case you want them, here are instructions on how to change the needed setting:

1 - Open NPF2004
2 - Choose "Privacy Control"
3 - Click "Configure"
4 - Click "Advanced"
5 - Click "Add Site"
6 - Enter "" (without www and no quotes)
7 - Uncheckmark "Information about Visited Sites" under the "Global Settings" tab.
8 - Make sure its set to "Permit"
9 - Click "OK"
10 Click "OK" on next screen
11 Close NPF2004 screen

That should allow the information to pass, and allow people to view everything."

Symantec links with screenshots:

Norton Internet Security and Norton Firewall 2003 or older versions of NIS and Norton Firewall

It should be noted that this in no way affects your security. All it does is passes along which site you're on when you view our images (and, since they can't be viewed anywhere else, we already know what site you're on).

I'm sorry to put you through all this, but I also think we're worth a little inconvenience :)

If you have other problems (or other solutions), email me via the Contact page.