Easy Challenge Navigation

Tutorial by Jakaleena

Easy Challenge navigation for the new Challenge format

To download a new challenge photo, follow the instructions to step 3. Click on the image that Doug posted which will say "original" in the title area. Click on the image to get the enlarged version and then right click to save.

Click on any image to see full-sized

1. Select CHALLENGES from the slide out menu on the left. You will be taken to a page that contains all of the challenges, broken down into both Old and New format submission types. I usually have two RP windows open on my computer - one for forums and another for challenges.
2. Below the list of challenges are thumbnails of the most current submissions for all of the combined entries for the category (Retouching, Restoration, Manipulation & Art). If you want to view only specific challenges, click on the challenge you want to view at the top of the page.
3. You will be taken to a page that contains ONLY the entries for the challenge you have chosen, in the order they were posted, from newest to oldest. If you want to submit an entry for a challenge, just click on the Upload Photos link at the top of the page.
4. On the next page you will be taken to is the upload information. If your submission is for a different challenge than the one you are viewing, there is a drop down menu where you will find a list of challenges - just click on the appropriate one and continue with your submission information.
5. On any challenge entry, you can be notified of comments posted by selecting the Receive Email Updates option below the entry image.

The benefits of this new submission format? For me, they are:

  • Immediacy. I no longer have to wait patiently (or in my case, IMpatiently) for Doug to post my submission
  • I can see all of the submission thumbnails side by side for a bit of comparison
  • It's easier to refer back to the original with this format for comparison to the submission I'm looking at
  • It seems like Doug has actually had time to "play" a bit with the rest of us since the load of maintaining challenge submissions has been lifted - and I very much enjoy seeing his input on things.

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