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Asking for a critique?


  • Ant
    started a blog post Asking for a critique?

    Asking for a critique?

    Some thoughts.

    1. Callus up your skin. If you want honest feedback, prepare to get your bubble potentially skewered.

    2. Have YOU critiqued your work? Honestly? The key to doing work well is being highly critical of your OWN work. Compare and contrast. Be brutal with yourself before slugging it off on someone else. Look at things as a whole. Look at them close and far. What works? What doesn't work? Would this suffice as a first round for a client, or have you missed the point entirely and only concentrated on smoothing that skin and left out all the needed color moves, masking, hair, etc? Is this to be compared to something done in the real world? Really, how well does it compare? Is your original shit to begin with? Are you trying to polish a turd? In the real world, the Art Director won't even comment nor mark-up your proof if you missed the basics. "Why am I even seeing this if it's not ready? Stop wasting my time"

    3. Who exactly are you asking for opinions? This could go to the pimply young teen that wants to be a model: "Everyone is always telling me how pretty I am and that I should model" - Are they, or are your friends, mother and grandma telling you. Ask yourself what they know and look in the mirror again while holdiing up that picture of Giselle.
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