So here we are, it’s fall, ski season is around the corner and summer is just a memory now. The trees are bare, having dropped their multi-colored leaves, and on a daily basis I have been processing and printing photos of dead animals…trophies of ecstatic hunters. As these rights of fall slowly tail off Christmas card season has already begun and soon winter will be in full swing.

I manage a photography business and full service photo lab in Jackson Hole, the gateway to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. A worldwide tourist destination for skiers, hikers, whitewater enthusiasts, families on vacation, students, fisherman, hunters, artists, mountain climbers and many, many others. Millions of people from all over the world visit our town of about 14,000 every year and they are joined by thousands of seasonal workers.

This ebb and flow of humanity parallels the changing of the seasons and the one constant thing is photography. The very nature of the landscape seems to demand it. Ansel Adams has yielded to it, Joseph Mengleson has embraced it and a million John and Jane Doe’s explore it every year.

Yes, our landscapes are awe-inspiring and wild life abundant. Our old west downtown architecture and wooden boardwalks find their way into many snapshots. With such a diverse and changing population we also get plenty of birthday parties, weddings, family outing and pictures of dad falling off to sleep in his old stuffed chair.

Living here has changed my perspective, the way I look at the world around me. Although I cannot spend nearly enough time chronicling it with my own camera the very nature of my job allows me to view it through the eyes of many.

Therein lies the beauty of the business. It goes beyond the perfect blend of light, time and composition. It goes beyond the equipment and beyond the professional aspirations of the person behind the camera. It is about emotions and what is important at any given moment. It may be so important that we are willing to pay others to capture it. Somewhere at the very core of our being a connection is made to that point in time.

With these things in mind I humbly launch my blog. Hopefully it will be packed full with insights and tips from our photo lab where color correction is a way of life, restoration is a favorite diversion and a calibrated monitor is a badge of honor. It will also contain personal and professional views on photography and the photography industry in general. I am not sure which direction my blog will go but knowing myself it will most likely follow a winding course.

With all that said I present to you….”Views From 6200 Feet.”