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What inspires you?


  • CJ Swartz
    started a blog post What inspires you?

    What inspires you?

    Choosing a subject for photography can be easy or hard. Many people choose their family members as subjects, and leave it at that. Others have a passion for something else -- nature, travel, flowers, wildlife, children, sunsets, pet animals, architecture, ghost towns, .... and follow their passion with their camera; some even follow town to town and country to country.

    What inspires YOU to pick up your camera?

    Here are a few links to images that inspire me:

    Necedah National Wildlife Refuge - Peace on Earth and many other of her galleries...

    Street photography - taught me that photos don't need technical perfection to communicate ...

    Daniella's work, among others, inspired me to try digital infrared --

    The perfect capture of the perfect moment --


    • patriciakay
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      Inspiration comes from many first love is flowers....insects...landscapes and sea shores...towns and cities...people but not so much..In that order...

      As we get beautiful sunrise and sunsets in the winter time(weather permitting of course)...I just have to see the sky with lovely colors and i am up and running out with my camera....

      For my flowers today i have bought some at the market in Stockholm...want to play with my new macro lens and lens baby...

      As i travel to takes just over an hour to get there as we live out in the Islands...I see so many lovely photos that i cant take...since my interest has grown i certainly look at everything in a creative way....So i guess the answer to your question is...EVERYTHING!!!!


    • CJ Swartz
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      I know what you mean, Patricia! When I started getting more serious about photography after retiring, I attended some photo workshops and starting seeing "photo opportunities" everywhere I went. Then when I stopped having time for photography again, I stopped "seeing photos". I'm getting back into that feeling again, and hoping that I can develop my ability to see "the right light" and "the right moment".

      I can imagine that you are truly surrounded by magical photo opportunities in your area - whatever your personal preferences.
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