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My first DSLR! Nikon D40


  • CJ Swartz
    started a blog post My first DSLR! Nikon D40

    My first DSLR! Nikon D40

    The prices went down on the Nikon D40 kit, and my resistance went down further, resulting in my proud ownership of a new DSLR. The weather changed from our typical sunny days to thick, dark clouds, rain and wind. I took some test shots of the cats, the furniture, the printer, and waited for the sun.

    I'm still waiting, but the rain stopped and the skies lightened up enough to get out and find something new to shoot. I took some shots of the thick clouds hovering over the Superstition Mountains, but the light was poor and the mountains looked dark and colorless. Then I spotted this lovely church with a spire, and decided to spend some time there.
    ad challenge_finish.jpg

    Tomorrow is my weekly visit to the dog/cat shelter, and I'll see whether this camera can keep up with their bouncy movements.

    • CJ Swartz
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      I still love the camera too. You shot a wedding -- good for you! I have enough trouble getting shots of the dogs at the shelter, let alone worrying about getting the bride and groom's photos.

    • nu2n65
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      The only thing I didn't like about my D40 is that it doesn't have a built-in image stabilizer; I had to buy a VR lens which was more expensive than the camera, but it was worth it because that's really what made the wedding pictures turn out. Oh, and I'm not a wedding photographer, but was just asked to shoot my friend's special day. It is a lot of work! And then the editing...

    • CJ Swartz
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      Yep, there are always trade-offs to be considered - the D40 doesn't have image stabilization in the body, and it doesn't have a lens motor in the body, but for my purposes it still works very nicely. I bought the 55-200mm VR lens because there was a price package, and I knew I'd want the range. The VR has worked nicely although my shots deal more with motion blur. If the dogs ever stood still, then my shaking hands would be more obvious.

      I didn't think you were a wedding photographer - that's why I was impressed with your willingness and success at shooting the wedding.
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