Photography has many aspects which draw me to it, and one of the most powerful is its endless learning curve. Photography is a wonderful mix of technology, art, and all the thousands of subjects which it can be used to explore.

We can practice and study the technical side of exposure, lighting, and post-processing, as well as the artistic viewpoints of self-expression, communication to an audience, artistic integrity and reality vs creativity.

Add to this mix all the subjects in the world that you might want to investigate -- trains, Architecture, Angkor Wat, Antarctica, Beluga whales, microbes, the planet Jupiter, the social customs of people living anywhere, the eating habits of the Australian numbat? The list can go forever and photography can be involved in your journey of exploration.

Some blogs and pages that have been part of this journey today:

Do photo 'enthusiasts' really want to learn?

being a creative photographer


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This includes some good YouTube videos using off-camera strobes for lighting. (You might have seen them if you follow the Strobist website or Flickr group.)

High ISO photo samples from new Nikon D3